NEED HELP? It’s OK to ask for it…you are so worth it!

Hello to you all in February 2024!

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Often we can feel very flat at this time of year and so the key theme around this month is the need to simply ‘keep going’ in whatever we are doing at a pace that is best for us right now.

…in the Northern hemisphere there can be little colour, weather that is not inviting to go out in for long, little of Nature’s noise to enjoy (other than wreckless winds or rain perhaps!) and short, darker days. It’s a hibernating time… and we need to remind ourselves of that!

In the Southern hemisphere, we may simply be flat from exhaustion and the imminent acceptance of saying goodbye to summer; with it’s holidays, family and time with friends over the festive period – and the long summer days and blue skies above! And of course, for many, the mixed emotions of ‘back to work and education’ may loom.


The homeopathic approach is to take a good look at the whole picture; not just how we are feeling, but how we are also functioning both mentally and physically.

We take into consideration specifics such as when things feel better and worse, what is happening at those times, what are the closest descriptions to the sensations being experienced, (such as is it a ‘burning’ or ‘stitching’ pain.) Also, we think back and assess a bit more about any other recent changes physically and emotionally – diet, exercise and sleep also come into this.

We take a pause and tune in! We NOTICE ourselves! After all, we are important and worthy…and so it should be! 

With the speed at which we lead our lives these days, it is just too easy not to do this… i.e. not to look after ourselves enough.

A Homeopathic approach is a pro-active as well as reactive one.

NEED HELP? It’s OK to ask for it…you are so worth it! 1

So, here is a simple exercise to try….

  1. Set a timer for 4 times a day between 9am and 4pm and ensure you leave it somewhere it will be heard. (You can also set it every hour, which may be best for many of us!)
  2. When the pinger goes, stop what you are doing. (You can also re-set it for 5-10 minutes to have this break, knowing you will be soon back into what you were doing in a better frame of mind and energy!)
  3. Pause, rest your hands down and take a long, calming deep breath. In for 4-5 and out for 6-8. I talk about breathwork later, but if you feel you need more breathes, then keep going! You may even want to change position from sitting to standing or vice-versa.
  4. Ask yourself ‘How am I? What do I need?’ Go through a simple checklist of questions: 
    Am I hot/cold –
    Am I hungry or thirsty? (get some food or a drink if necessary. Nutritional and protein based food wherever possible) – When did I last go to the loo? (go now if possible!) – How is my body feeling? Do I need to stretch/move/rest? Do what you need to do to change this. Many people find that just 1-2 minutes of movement is really helpful, and putting on some favourite invigorating music can initiate an energy change too!
  5. AND BREATHE – I often mention my Conscious Breathing Exercise (click here). Breathing seems to be the most under-estimated and yet powerful thing we can do to help ourselves in any situation!

And then at the end, ask yourself again how you feel; What are you noticing? Have you met your needs to get through the next stint?

NEED HELP? It’s OK to ask for it…you are so worth it! 2

Noticing and meeting our needs gets us to understand ourselves and our bodies… and this is what Homeopathy is all about.

The art of noticing what we need and working out how to get it is key!

There is usually so much help out there but we either don’t feel we can ask for it or we cannot find it.

And in this month and blog, I wanted to encourage us all to feel able to meet our needs, to help us feel better, whether we can help ourselves alone or actually need someone to work with us in achieving this.

There are plenty of experts out there… but Homeopathy is often a good place to start as being listened to and working with a plan to help us come back up to our optimum health picture – from knowing what went wrong where, is healing and empowering in itself!

If we are struggling with expressing our needs and what we really feel about something, there are some lovely remedies to help this improve. (Nat Mur is one example)

If we are feeling low in mood and affected by the seasons, there are some lovely remedies to help. (Phosphorous is one example)

If we are feeling low and stuck with little self-esteem this is an area also well supported by some lovely remedies. (Calc Carb is one example here)

If our bodies have seized up… often from damp, cold weather in the winter or over exerting ourselves in the high heat of the summer, homeopathy can bring great relief here too. (Rhus Tox is one example)

There will always be something to fit a ‘Whole Health’ picture… there are thousands of remedies! We just need to make sure we get the right one to suit YOUR picture! And in some cases, there may be more than one remedy required.

NEED HELP? It’s OK to ask for it…you are so worth it! 3


Homeopathy also works so well with improving more longterm illnesses and conditions that might really get us down, yet need a lot of stamina to work with them and gain optimum levels of health. Auto-immune diseases are more and more apparent today (allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, Arthritis/Rheumatism, thyroid health, diabetes, Lupus, Irritable Bowel disease, Crohn’s disease – just to name but a few more familiar ones), but I am also mentioning conditions like Parkinson’s, Heart conditions, cancer – and please don’t forget the many different types of mental health and child development issues. Autism and the Neurodiverse presentations are included here for certain.

Conventional medication may already be a big part of the support picture but it can often have severe side effects, and I love the versatility of Homeopathy where it can come in and support and improve symptoms whether you are on medication or not… it can work with both.

It is non-toxic

It has no side effects

It is non-addictive

It can be used with any age patient!


If just a little walk every other day is all you feel like right now, that is certainly a good thing to stick with! …and as my Grandmother used to regularly tell me; when you walk, you talk!… I agree… and you can either walk and talk with a friend… but if alone, then to yourself! Again, try it and see! 

I’m here to answer enquiries and help you find a way forward with or without other helpful healing modalities along the way! 

In the meantime, do continue to pay attention to keeping up your Vitamin C and Vitamin D (which is best taken with K2… you can find it in drop forms at a healthfood store).

And I wish you all a comfortable and lighter month ahead in as many ways possible!

Warm Wishes,

Ali x

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