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If you are new to Homeopathy or just need a re-fresh, I have put together some helpful info which you can find on this page below. You can find out about how to take and store your remedies and some Homeopathy FAQ’s – I do hope you find this helpful.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Useful Information 2No! The remedies are not addictive; they are made of natural substances which resonate with our bodies energetically. Our bodies only take what they need from the remedies and there are no additives or toxins used which make us want more of it! 

However, many people find the whole topic of Homeopathy fascinating that it kind of becomes addictive in the wanting to know more about it! …Books and searching for more information on the subject can become quite an occupier of time and thought! 

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No! The beauty of Homeopathic remedies is that they are made from original and natural substances that have no toxic substances added. Nor do they carry any physical property of the substances they were made from through the careful dilution and succussing method of preparation. They are prescribed in different potencies in order that they suite each individual body more precisely than dosing of conventional medication. As stated above, because of the energetic nature of this form of natural medicine, the body only takes what it needs from the remedy when it is taken, and is able to harmlessly let go of what it does not. The subtlety of the way Homeopathy works is incredible… almost magical!

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Time and the depth to which we go into the health picture is the main difference.

An ACUTE Consultation looks at “instant help” in immediate health problems, such as a migraine that nothing has helped so far, a skin infection following a scrape, a virus with symptoms that need supporting, a bout of cystitis or constipation or diarrhoea and vomiting, severe toothache, bruising or damage from an accident, a panic attack or major anxiety. I can take your key symptoms over a 15-20 minute appointment and help suggest a remedy or remedies that will support the body in dealing with the imbalances going on and bring relief, with the remedies working with the body to bring it into a better healing state.

A FULL Consultation takes the whole picture of the patient and their presenting complaint, along with a health history and a further great variety of details that get an understanding of what the patient’s body is telling us both mentally, generally and physically. Cases where something is more of a long-term picture arise and can be treated after a full consultation, as well as health states that may have been an acute but keep returning and therefore need getting to the bottom of. Initial Full consultations can take up to 1 ½ hours as this is a crucial time for really being able to listen to a patient and establish a good working relationship where they will feel understood and be able to start making sense of things themselves. A prescription is likely to be given and then follow up appointments made which take less time, to work with the case and manage the patient’s case. Many patients may come for one Initial consultation and perhaps 2-3 FOLLOW-UP appts to get back on top of what the problem is… For others may be more or even just one. 

The key essence of homeopathic practice is to get to the root cause and bring about a thorough healing to a health complaint, rather than just temporarily suppress it. Sometimes it can appear a slower journey and then I compare it to the journey of the hare and the tortoise, whereby the slower journey of the tortoise did benefit from the better outcome!

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Useful Information 3When I prescribe to my patients, I always give them clear instructions and guidance.

Taking Homeopathic medicines can feel quite awkward as there is a difference in how you take them compared to conventional medicine. I suggest you simply read the instructions slowly, take a deep breath and smile! Relax… do your best, all will be well… and you will soon get the hang of it!

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In fact, as long as the remedies are stored appropriately, they last a life time!

We are, however, bound by law to have a sell-by date on any product sold in a package in this country – so you will notice these dates on the bottles and packaging!

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Useful Information 4Keep the remedies in one place, not in direct sunlight, nor extreme heat or cold and away from strong odours such as Essential oils, spices, eucalyptus or menthol. 

I recommend my clients to find a specific tin, with a notebook and pen so that you can note what you take and when… it is often easy to lose track of what we have taken and what is working and not working in the heat of an illness or when using remedies at home ourselves i.e. from a home kit.

When travelling, you can wrap your remedies in tinfoil to protect them from x-ray damage or purchase a special protective travel bag – Click here for an example!

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You are not alone! This does happen! 

If they are prescribed remedies, do get in touch to check with the homeopath who prescribed them. Observe your child/pet and report any concerns.

Usually all remains well because of the energetic way the remedies work; our bodies only take from them what they want or need… so usually there is not a problem! However, we must act with due care and attention, and there are antidotes should it be necessary. It is always best to speak to a homeopath.

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Useful Information 5I would answer YES! This means that once you are familiar with taking remedies which I may have prescribed, you can then start to treat yourself at home, either under my direction, or with guidance from a good manual for the more minor and everyday things. 

Great for holidays too! 

My favourite kit is the Ainsworths 42 Essential Remedy kit (available overseas too) and the booklet in there is wonderful!

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This is always an important topic I like to raise!

And the answer is YES, because then a professional approach is enabled whereby the Homeopathic practitioner can see a more clear and unbiased overview of a homeopathic patient’s full picture of health. 

As a qualified homeopath, I am obliged to work to a code of Ethics within my professional body, (in my case Homeopathy International), and this also includes professional development and supervision where necessary. Personally, I believe I am always learning and like to ensure my working standards remain at a high level, including my health.

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I focus very much on leaving my patients “prepared” before I go away. 

You can leave phone messages, or emails and I will respond on my return.

If there is an urgent situation, there is great help: you can contact the Homeopathic Helpline phone line (UK Based) or (which I am also part of) where you can speak to a qualified homeopath for advice every day all year around!

Details are on my website here, at the bottom of my booking page:

Occasionally I may use a locum who’s details I will pass on in advance.