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Ali Lomax

Ali Lomax

LCHE R.Hom.Int.

Having always had an affinity in optimal health and with people, treasuring the importance of good communication and listening skills, training as a homeopath became a natural progression from my previous career in childcare. I came to understand homeopathy first as an invaluable method of healthcare for myself and my family as a woman and a mother… and it has even blown away my husband’s scepticism!

My nursery nurse training (qualified in 1996) gave me hospital experience on maternity and paediatric wards…and here I particularly noticed my resonance with women, as well as babies and children, and the need for other available natural approaches to health and development in our medical system. I developed my skills further with family work in Social Services, the NHS and community childcare facilities both in London and New Zealand; working particularly with people with a variety of challenges and often alongside multi-disciplinary teams. This is where I noticed further, how the need to link support of emotional states with physical states was so important in healing and getting ourselves fully back on track after birth, illness or surgical intervention…I noticed that remarkably often, medication prescribed did not suffice, and I thoroughly cherished/enjoyed the opportunities I had then to explore this with the women, children and other family members I was working with, and to support and help them in looking outside the typical medical box of what was possibly still not healing and why.

I followed my desire to learn more by qualifying at the accredited Centre for Homeopathic Education in London (2009-2013). 

I practice privately in East Horsley and at the OsteoAllies Clinic in Fetcham… both in the beautiful county of Surrey. I offer online video call appointments to patients who are not able to meet with me locally, or who are overseas. I am also part of the Homeopathy247.com team, where we strive to offer Homeopathic support across the world 24-7. 

I am a fully insured and registered clinical member of Homeopathy International, bound by working to their Code of Ethics. I remain dedicated to continued professional development and contributing towards educating people in the System of Homeopathic Medicine. This enables patients to make informed choices in the management of their own health. I fully support working alongside other health professionals where necessary and beneficial.

Confidentiality and professional practice are of paramount importance to myself and my patients.

Homeopathy and Autism

When working with children, and becoming a parent myself, it continued to become apparent to me of the increasing need for more natural specialised support for children with behaviour difficulties, especially around the Autism Spectrum because these children have such sensitive body systems.  From my background experience and seeking further knowledge and training with other homeopaths, I also offer Homeopathic support to these children.
Please see my FB page: Homeopathy with Ali Lomax, and join my FB group: A homeopathic Autism Journey and get in touch specifically with any questions.