Children's Health

I love blending Homeopathy with my experience from my previous career; working with children and families with a variety of needs. It is my passion to offer help and support to babies, children, and teenagers/young adults.

I love how homeopathy can bring such improvement in such a gentle and natural way; not only in everyday childhood health/illnesses but also in developmental difficulties, behavioural challenges, and complex conditions. Never give up!

With its holistic approach, we often find that going back through a child’s birth history, some key factors come up that relate to a baby/child/teenager’s health and development. Often at this point, there is recommendation to support the parents as there may be trauma or unresolved issues that Homeopathy can really understand and work within both the appointments and the prescriptions. There may often simply be a link with medication or treatments that have been used that also had undesired effects on the individual and Homeopathy can help work these out of the system too.

As a homeopath I recognise the phrase “Never been well since” very well! It makes good sense to us…….as does the now more well known link between the brain and the gut. So to be able to keep a young gut in as good health as possible can be really helpful in maintaining a patient’s optimum mental health state as well as physical health.

Many children with ASD and behavioural or developmental difficulties have such sensitive systems which therefore respond well to the gentle nature of Homeopathic support. I’m here to help and to find a way of improving and enhancing your child’s everyday struggles in these areas. I am also here to support siblings and other family members in the stress everyday life can present in the families of these children.

I look forward to hearing from you……please feel free to book a free 15 minute introductory chat to find out more