Homeopathy and Susceptibility

Firstly I would like to welcome you into the lovely month of June… we’re halfway through yet another year! I hope it is going well for you so far and continues that way!

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Secondly, I want to mention the lovely downloadable Home Prescriber’s Course still offered for FREE this month by the college where I trained. Having a home kit is such a wonderful thing as you may have heard me mention several times previously! I describe it as almost a replacement First Aid kit… all you have to add are the scissors, tweezers, plasters, bandages and thermometer! Do take a peep… it is not a hard paced course as such… just a lovely connection to the remedies that you may like to become familiar with more in order to use at home. It can be gently looked at one remedy at a time and understood in a helpful easy-to-relate to way!

And thirdly… let’s get to the crux of my topic this month: SUSCEPTIBILITY!


…this is a very important topic we get to understand when using Homeopathy and I wanted to talk about it.

Taking a case in a Homeopathic appointment will cover the detail and health history enough to determine the susceptibility of a patient and prescribe remedies accordingly in both potency and method of dosing with the remedy/remedies chosen.


Here we go… as this is not necessarily an approach you would work with when using the conventional medical route. I hope this makes sense… you know where to contact me if you have any questions!


I chose to discuss it this month as June is often a great month of ‘busyness’ as we change season more permanently, experience stress with exams, suffer with summer allergies in the Northern hemisphere… or the allergies the cold and damp start to bring to some in the arrival of winter months of the Southern Hemisphere.

In simple terms, if we have a lot on our plates and continue to need to be over-juggling, we will be pushing our bodies out of their comfort zones physically and mentally… and eventually it is likely to show!

If there are situations where there are other ‘maintaining causes’ such as living in a damp property, working on a farm when we are already prone to hay fever, looking after a pet we know we have an allergy too, even remaining in an unhappy relationship… then we are already using up a lot of our energy and our health is already being compromised when we try and ‘put up with it’ in whatever way necessary at the time.

It shows up in our immune systems which are very quick to pick up on this and our health can then fall into a pre-disposition of not being able to maintain its own balance and succumbing to bugs and illness in general. Susceptibility affects our Vital Force… our body’s own, innate working energy.

Here’s an example: How is it that when 3 individual passengers sit in a car on a 3 hour journey with the driver non-stop coughing, sneezing and needing to blow his nose, only two of the three passengers soon go down with that bug? …and that one of those two has it as bad as the car driver but the other passenger just suffers with more of a sniffle for 3 days and not 10 days?

It is our own susceptibility that determines this!

One passenger who got the bug worse may have been more challenged by some anxiety he is currently experiencing… perhaps he had an argument earlier or is in the middle of exams. Perhaps he has recently got over a cold but not had the important rest to complete the optimum return to health.

Another passenger, who did not get the bug so badly, may have just had a passing thought: ‘Oh no, I haven’t time to get a cold… I am going on holiday next week’, and the element of fear that came with that thought (I.e. the susceptibility) may have triggered an immediate weakness which had an impact on his immune system.

The passenger who did not get the bug in any shape would appear to have the least susceptibility and hence the strongest immune response to not be affected by that bug.

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Homeopathy helps us to understand our health and notice the symptoms and also the types and severity of symptoms. It encourages us to pay attention to ourselves and our own needs both physically and mentally and with the pace of life we lead today we so often do not sit still enough just to simply ‘sit and tune in’.

Our susceptibility can also be determined by our family health history, past trauma that has remained unprocessed throughout one or more generations. 

Vaccination and chemical medication can also have an impact on our levels of susceptibility as our bodies may not have had the chance to work through a disease state using its naturally developed immune system. There will likely be components that will alter the way the body would naturally work and although the health may improve initially to the eye, the underlying state will only have been temporarily eased… thus leaving us more prone to similar episodes of ill health in the future.

I hope this makes sense 🙂

For those of you who remain fascinated, please feel free to read up further:

  1. There is a lovely collection of academic understandings on Samuel Hahneman’s theories and principles of Homeopathy in his book: The Organon of Medicine.
  2.  Here the topic of Susceptibility has been written about by some of our very well known Homeopaths: https://www.worldwidejournals.com/international-journal-of-scientific-research-(IJSR)/recent_issues_p
Homeopathy and Susceptibility 3

As this is quite a popular time of year to be taking holidays, I would like to wish you a lovely time. If you are not taking a holiday, I do hope you find some special restful times so you can relax and tune in to you!

Warm Wishes,
Ali x

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