A Homeopathy Tool Kit for Term-Time

Welcome to September… and the start of a new term that comes with it!

This month, come and have a chat with me in my video blog about homeopathy and the essential tool kit for term-time.

Here are some things that I refer to in my video that you may find helpful to reference back to:

  • My favourite home kit is the Ainsworths 42 Essential Remedy Kit (available overseas too) and the booklet in there is wonderful!  
  • Epsom Salts are the perfect way to detox your body and a great muscle relaxant after a long day.
  •  Having a time-table can be really beneficial, and can help with carving out time for ourselves – make yourself a priority this September!
  • Keeping a journal  – this can really help with our thoughts, processing them and getting them out of our heads and onto paper.
  • A Homeopathy Tool Kit for Term-Time 1My favourite books that I recommend are:
    – Your Healthy Child With Homeopathy by Tricia Allen
    – The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy by Colin Griffiths 

My remedy recommendations:

Ignatia – I like to describe this as ‘a big hug.’ This remedy is perfect for when we’re struggling a bit, feeling a bit down or apprehensive.

Passiflora – This remedy is perfect for over-excited children after school, a bit hyper perhaps or some overwhelm.  

Arg Nit – For any anticipatory anxiety and spiralling thoughts e.g. ‘Will I be okay tomorrow?’ or ‘What if that happens?…’

Oak – Perfect for those new schedules or routines. A great ‘stay strong remedy’ to keep grounded and rooted amidst all the change and busyness. 

I hope the start of the new term goes really well for you and you enjoy this video blog!

Warmest Wishes,
Ali x

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