ATTENTION: Immune Boosting Time!

Hello to everyone, on whichever continent you may be situated just now!

I hope this finds you well and ready to absorb some tips and reminders about boosting our immune systems… it is always important for a change of season, particularly towards the end of the year if you are in the Northern Hemisphere.

If those around us are happy and healthy, then this also helps to keep us happy and healthy; so please do feel free to forward this to friends and family, neighbours or work colleagues who may be already struggling with fighting off bugs and viruses in this season change.

Homeopathy is just wonderful at supporting the body in achieving optimal health in each and everyone of us that use it 🙂

Because of its holistic approach, it will understand the link between what is going on in our minds as well as our physical bodies. You may yourself be quick to remember a time when you were quite unwell… perhaps even repeatedly over a certain period(s)… when you were also very stressed. 

As we hit our teenage/young adult years, we may remember being far warned by our parents of the consequences of burning the candles at both ends!

And so homeopathy brings us the insight, as we typically sit in an appointment with a homeopath, or take time to browse over our remedy kits and debate what we may need when not well, and contemplate the symptoms we are experiencing and what may be the route cause.

Uh Huhh!… We may quite quickly come to a conclusion when we have taken this time to ‘tune in’ and a remedy match can be made that will work on the areas of our body that need bringing back into balance… and this will no doubt encourage a more thorough healing and recovery with less likelihood of the bug returning again soon. 

I also often see patients pro-actively… when they know they may be about to go through a demanding time in one way or another, and they want to be ready for it! They may not need specific remedies for uncomfortable symptoms… because by being pro-active, they may not even get to that point. Instead they may need a constitutional remedy that strengthens their whole body and character and simply enables their body to respond as needed to its best ability so they can ‘ride the wave’ successfully!  

This is the magical part of Homeopathy 🙂

ATTENTION: Immune Boosting Time! 1


Using a Homeopathic approach, we are able to understand the need to consider all things positive in maintaining our health.

Here are the key questions I would like to put across if you are keen to get your immune system boosted:

  • SLEEP: Are you getting enough?
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Are you managing your time wisely and effectively? This alleviates stress and enables enough time for you and your needs as best as possible when it is factored in! A personal timetable is actually a great thing to work with and it can include all the family/work/everyday tasks that need doing as well.
  • HEALTHY EATING & WATER INTAKE: Is your diet well balanced enough? Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? This generally means ++green leafy and legumous vegetables, ++fruit, ++Protein and a small/measured amount of carbohydrates.
    And 1 ½ litres of water at least each day!
    Balancing a plate with ½ veg, ¼ protein and ¼ carbs is a well recommended format.

    Drinking herbal teas in an option to count in a warming drink! (Beware: Coffee and tea can also be dehydrators!)
    If you are going to use sugar, finding a healthy unrefined sugar such as coconut sugar or Maple syrup is good and using it in moderation. Remembering that fruit can have a lot of sugar, so balancing your intake and aiming for more vegetables than fruit each day is helpful.
    Should you be prone to congestion or go down with a stuffy cold or chesty bug, lessening or swapping away from dairy products for a while would be most helpful as they can be such mucous producers!

  • SUPPLEMENTS and NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: Might these help? YES… I understand these to be very helpful as we do not get the same nourishment from our soil and many of our food sources these days. I can recommend looking at the following ‘helpers’ in boosting and maintaining our immune system:
    Vit C – this can be taken high strength! 
    Zinc – This is helpful alongside Vit C.
    Black Elderberry – you can incorporate these into your diet or make or purchase a syrup or herbal elixir (without as much sugar added!) Wonderful for immune system.
    Vitamin D with K2 – taken together it is better absorbed. You can buy it in an oral spray or drops… AND of course, find some real sun, especially in the winter!
    Echinacea – another great immune booster at the start of not feeling quite up to par! Usually bought in a tincture form in a dropper bottle.

ATTENTION: Immune Boosting Time! 2


Of course I would not go before offering a little help with some useful homeopathic remedies.
SOHave you got the following helpful remedies at the ready?

  • Aconite – Take at the first signs of not feeling right. One to three doses can often turn around the start of something! (It’s also a great remedy for fright and shock!). It supports fevers with a rapid pulse, croup, eye injuries, panic attacks and symptoms where there is great intensity at the onset and sudden acute burning pains. There is great thirst with this remedy.
  • Belladona – Used most commonly for headaches, temperature and sore throat. Anything that causes redness and with heat and discomfort. Great for supporting the body while it works through a temperature naturally.
    You can look at my blog about Fever here:
    Pupils can be dilated. Lack of thirst yet desire for lemonade!  It supports inflammatory states well, including meningitis, tonsillitis and meningitis.
  • Gelsemium – A wonderful remedy for viral infections and where there is dizziness, emotion, fear, headaches, sore limbs and general body aching that can be part of the picture with flu. This remedy is often used for symptoms of performance anxiety.
  • Bryonia – Really helpful for chest infections, pneumonia, pleurisy and also headaches, especially when the patient is worse for movement. Also good for a dry cough and constipation. The patient may be very thirsty for cold drinks.
  • Arsenicum Album – Diarrhoea, illness from food poisoning and also anxiety. During the pollen months it can help asthma and hayfever well too. Patients can be very particular in the way things are done and placed. They may be thirsty but only able to take sips.
  • Nux Vomica – Helpful when there is ‘stress’ as a common theme in this patient! Mood change, snappy, irritable and impatient characteristics. Constipation, gut spasms, indigestion, oversensitivity to light, smell, touch and noise. Helpful with a congestive cold and where there is sensitivity to drafts.
  • Pulsatilla – Great for anything green/yellow in the congestive discharge symptoms! Also where ears are troublesome and when patient is better for fresh air and quite tearful and clingy… and changeable in mood! (It is also a lovely remedy for separation anxiety)
  • Hepar Sulph – This remedy supports ridding infection; throat, ear, chest and also skin (including boils). It can help a sore and throaty cough where there is pain on swallowing and as if feather in throat! It is also known for it’s support in croup symptoms. The patient feels cold and wants to be covered. They may also be quite hot and sweaty to touch and fly off the handle easily in their temperament.
  • Chamomilla –  Another remedy for ear, facial and tooth pain too! It is a great remedy for teething babies. There may be quite a temper with this patient and they may want rocking for comfort even though they may tell you to stop very soon after demanding it!

I hope the above information is helpful…I am here to answer questions and please do feel free to book an appointment if you are struggling. 

Homeopathy is wonderful at helping avoid the use of antibiotics… which, as now more widely known, can have a harmful effect on our gut microbiome where our immune system originates. 

However, if you do need to use antibiotics, then we can soon find remedies to work with the gut and whole body to help re-balance… there is always a place for Homeopathic support!

Get to know it this season… and enjoy the benefits; I’m here to help!

With warm wishes,
Ali x

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