Backwards and Forwards with this Darn Covid-19 Virus!

Hello Everyone! Midwinter or Midsummer is here for us wherever you may be reading this! But I hope it reaches you safely and warm or cool enough to sit and take a little time for yourself!

In ways, I am sorry to have to do this, but I am aware of just how much Covid-19 is still around us and therefore feel a little re-cap on how to work with it and come through it well is important. Homeopathy can be such a helpful and successful part of the journey where other medical routes don’t always have the answers. 

Living through this pandemic has been a mental, as well as physical strain for so many and Homeopathy can support both these sides of the picture, which is truly wonderful! We want to work with our health to get ourselves in tip-top condition for the next 6 months… Covid is still very present, no matter which country or season you are in!

SO… if you are suffering with Covid or any virus for that matter, or have friends and family members also suffering, I hope this helps… please do feel free to share – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


In brief, we are dealing with a virus.

This means we are dealing with variants of this virus as it mutates… and therefore seeing differing symptoms. The general pattern of a virus when it mutates is that it weakens and the severity of the symptoms lessen. There has been a lot of challenging media and fear regarding this Covid-19 virus and the future is not as clear as we would like it to be… but we are now able at least, to see many sufferers with less and not as strong symptoms than March 2020, for example. 

Overcoming the fear of “dis-ease” is a really important aspect in the world of Homeopathy because we understand the principal of Susceptibility… our immune systems can be weakened when we are in fear. Being pro-active in our health and welfare is highly promoted when using the Homeopathic approach and this in turn supports our emotional state; typically resulting in better overall health and lesser chances of suffering as badly with contagious diseases.

We may also be “re-catching” Covid-19 and feeling not only despairing, but run down physically and mentally. Viruses can hang around in our systems more than we like if we don’t know how to deal with them when we first catch them! “This” hanging around state can also be known as Long Covid or in general, Post Viral Syndrome.

HOMEOPATHY KNOWS HOW TO DEAL WITH VIRUSESClick here to read an article telling us just that, with the recorded success of treating the Flu Pandemic back in 1918.



  1. Firstly: PLEASE DO NOT suffer in silence!
    Identify when you are not feeling yourself and be clear as to what your symptoms are… as you know, with homeopathy, once we have the symptoms, we can get to work on understanding what the body is telling us and seek remedies to match and therefore soothe and re-balance. This process can actually take a little bit of concentration and dedicated time, which we are not necessarily used to giving ourselves these days in this very busy world! We are encouraged to rush to a pharmacy or local shop and buy an over-the counter medication in case… we can’t heal ourselves!

    – SPEAK TO YOUR HOMEOPATH, get out your home remedy kit (if you have one), choose your remedies (see some suggestions below!) 
    – or MAKE CONTACT WITH THE MOST SUITABLE HOMEOPATHIC SUPPORT SERVICES available to you including: Homeopathy247 – and The Homeopathic helpline – Telephone 09065 343404 For advice via the Homeopathic Helpline in the UK only (this is a BT regulated number which costs £1.53 per minute, plus network extras)

Some familiar Homeopathic remedies that have been often helpful in supporting Covid viral symptoms are: Aconite, Arsenicum Album, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Ant Tart, Belladonna, Eupatorium, Oscillococcinum, Phosphorous, Pulsatilla, Merc. Sol, China, Phos Ac, Carbo Veg, Nux Vomica… but there are also MANY other remedies that can be considered.

Backwards and Forwards with this Darn Covid-19 Virus! 1

2. Secondly: Stop, evaluate your energy and where you are putting it, if it is becoming sparse! REST is the key healing mechanism our body has when it comes to suffering in any way. So the message here is really DO STOP and REST! Take yourself somewhere quiet and away from others if possible so you can be as undisturbed as possible

3. Thirdly: DON’T PASS IT ON… if possible! If you manage suggestion no.2, you will automatically take care of this! This also includes the basic principal of handwashing and reasonable hygiene… simple, but so helpful!

 4. Fourth: Keep your temperature balanced; do not go from one extreme to another if possible, ie when going from bed to bathroom, wear a dressing gown.

Backwards and Forwards with this Darn Covid-19 Virus! 25. Fifth: Keep hydrated and Boost your immune system with foods fuelled with anti-inflammatory and vitamin/mineral rich foods such as chicken and vegetable broth. Also, Vit C rich fruit and veg, lots of garlic, turmeric and black elderberry in a tea or syrup. Use some Vit C and Zinc supplementation, also Vit D with K2… a nutritionist or your health food shop should be able to help you source good quality supplements and understand the correct dosage.

AVOID A POST VIRAL STATE IF POSSIBLE: By following the above and allowing your body to have the rest and harness the substance to go to battle in fighting off the virus when it hits you, should enable a good healing. 

Time is a real healer too
. I know I am repeating myself here, but IF YOU DO NOT GIVE YOUR BODY ENOUGH TIME TO COMPLETE THE TASK, you are likely to go into a post viral state where the symptoms will linger or quickly return and your main symptom may be primarily exhaustion. 

Allow 2 weeks at least for a good recovery, and the moment you feel low or recognise a return of symptoms, it is time to rest and let your body go back and complete the healing again.

Typical post-viral symptoms are: fatigue, brain fog, chilliness or hot sweats, headache, gut trouble, dizziness, skin symptoms, tinnitus, sore joints and muscles, nasal or lung congestion that will not shift, cough… but there are more and it can really vary from person to person. You generally just don’t feel yourself!

Please do contact me if you have any further questions or think some Homeopathic help would be beneficial in preparation or “dealing with” this Darn Covid-19 virus!

I wish you a good and healthy month ahead.
Ali x

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