Rebalance and Detox this Summer with Homeopathy

Welcome to July! I am hoping that so many of you reading this will have had some opportunity to bask in some of the summer weather we have had and notice the beautiful colour and scent from our surrounding summer blooms if you are in this warm season now… If you are in the winter season, may this find you nice and snug somewhere, with a cuppa in hand and time for a little read! I’m also hoping that any hayfever sufferers have got their symptoms alleviated and if not, please do reach out for any assistance. Hayfever can be so debilitating!


This month I am excited to share a bit more about the ‘Re-balancing’ aspect of homeopathy.

Rebalance and Detox this Summer with Homeopathy 1Some of you may already be familiar with the Homeopathic detox work I do, having trained more recently with the wonderful Dutch homeopath Ton Jansen, and his great knowledge of  human chemistry. Ton also developed further the work of the great homeopath Tinus Smits. It is a wonderful approach with such great results, yet working with the body in such a gentle and permanent way. It supports the work with complex cases really well too!


The prescriptions can appear quite different, with a much wider selection of specific remedies and potencies, to be taken typically during an 8 week, 4 week, 10 day or 4 day programme… but a careful timetable is provided to take you through what to take when. There are usually morning and evening remedies, an ‘Opening’ remedy at the start, and if possible, one day off remedies each week! 

It is an important method being used more and more today because our bodies are so much more exposed to chemical intrusion with the huge presence of pharmaceuticals in our systems, often being taken in on an every day, sometimes several times a day, basis.

As well as the huge increase in chemical medication now available for use, other harmful, un-natural substances may also reach us, almost unknowingly, via our water systems; processed or sprayed commercially grown food sources; other substances that leave heavy metals present in our bodies on an unhealthy level – and this can begin as early as during the development of a foetus in the womb, if parents have been on regular medication around conception and during the pregnancy. The natural balance the body is trying to create and maintain around the clock is greatly distracted. There can be a toxic effect and the natural healing processes the body is designed to maintain become impossible to perfect.

representation of medicationDetoxing is a regular concept to have to consider in patient appointments today with the gross development in drug manufacture and vast increase in the number of vaccinations being given to babies in their first few weeks of life when their immune systems are still trying to develop for themselves, compared to previous generations who grew up simply not seeing a doctor as regularly nor being prescribed medication as often or as quickly. With more time and rest given instead then, the body’s ability to self heal naturally was better experienced. The toxic layers building up within us can become a significant block, particularly in our organ health and endocrine (hormone) system. The style of current medical treatment is usually of a suppressive approach, intervening with the body’s natural course of correction and we are seeing more and more auto-immune disease as a result.


A lot of us perhaps haven’t ever been told that our bodies CAN usually self-heal… this is exactly what they were built to be able to do and Homeopathy is such a wonderful helper in this aspect of regaining and maintaining optimal health. It nudges the body back into balance by giving the specific, relevant remedies, that match the symptoms that are indicating there is “Dis-Ease” within. 

And the body is reminded to adapt and regain homeostasis!

As many of you already know, I LOVE this word ‘HOMEOSTASIS’! It describes so well the self regulating biological processes the body constantly works at to achieve as it adjusts to changes in external conditions… this could be anything, for example, from the action of us shivering when cold, to dealing with heat, or even a reaction of shock.


Many patients can declare they ‘have never been well since…’ and this is often since taking a medication or having an event or accident that so far any form of support or treatment hasn’t relieved as hoped.

With casework in these situations, I often find that a clearing method is needed to unblock the aggrivants, both chemical and emotional with the least disturbance for the patient and here comes my use of this homeopathic detox method.



The gut is so often badly affected and this is taken into great consideration, with gut and organ support remedies alongside, in order that the toxic substances leave the body with as little difficulty as possible.


The most common things needing detoxing are the serious effects of steroids (such as asthma inhalers and nasal sprays), chemical hormones (including the various forms of contraceptive pill and HRT treatment), antibiotics, antihistamines, inoculation’s (especially where there may have been an aggravation either at the time or continuing on since),  anti-depressants and anti-psycotic drugs, sleeping pills and painkillers.

The beauty of the ‘Homeopathic way’ is that it is a gentle way, unlike many other methods of detox. Healing is also more permanent so treatment is less likely to need re-applying time and time again for the same health complaint.

There is a careful hierarchy in the order of substances or ‘states’ to be detoxed, so when there is more than one thing, there will be careful staging with one programme at a time. There is great understanding of the important role and need for balance of the body’s own neurotransmitters and hormones compared with prescribed synthetic variants.


Rebalance and Detox this Summer with Homeopathy 2If you are, or know of someone, taking medication regularly or permanently and still not feeling ‘quite right’ or concerned at being reliant on it, or aware of definite side effects that you have been warned about, DO GET IN TOUCH to find out more as to whether this method may be something to consider. Undoing blocks and encouraging the body to regain it’s balance in a natural Homeopathic way can be lifechanging!

Please feel free to contact me at 

Despite being discovered nearly 300 years ago, Homeopathy can move with the times… Let’s get your health back to moving in the healthiest direction!

I hope you have a lovely month ahead.

Ali x

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