Difficulty with Movement?

…Homeopathy is a great friend to those suffering with mobility pain!

At this time of year, we can be starting to Spring back into action, quite literally. We may be using our bodies in ways they haven’t been used for a few months as the winter season tends to keep us home and hibernating more! Some may be recovering from surgery and are on a rehabilitation path of exercises and patience! Some may be less mobile for other reasons.

And as we get back into being more mobile again, we may feel a few tweaks and awakening pain along the way! So stretching and getting back into things gently at first is important…but often easier said than done!

There is no doubt how important it is for us to maintain optimum mobility wherever we can.

The homeopathic approach encourages us to ‘tune in’ to our bodies and get to know what feels right and what doesn’t AND to respect our bodies.

We often forget that our key power, physically, comes from our
core strength… so it is important to work on this consistently to complement our strength and ability. 


…This is the phrase so often applied to keeping ourselves as physically agile as possible… on some days it can be easy to remember, hear and apply, but on others, it may not be!

There are some lovely remedies to aid better ease of joints and limbs as well as support damage with pain or inflammation that may be part of the picture.

We are increasingly made aware of the risks of long term pain relief medication… now we are even typically offered another drug to line our stomachs when we are prescribed these meds.


  • liver and kidney damage 
  • constipation 
  • stomach ulcers
  • addiction


Difficulty with Movement? 1

Painkillers come in different forms: 

  • Parectamol, Tylenol, Panadol.
  • NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Naproxen and Aspirin.
  • Opioids (such as codeine or dehydrocodeine)
  • Anti-depressants… which are now often offered to ease the emotional difficulty in dealing with the pain.

Wouldn’t it be good to be offering our bodies something a little less harsh and without the side effects of these, often prescribed as combinations?

Afterall, optimal functioning of our internal organs is, if not more, as valuable as our limbs, muscle, tendons and ligaments.

Hooray!… Homeopathy can help with this!

There are some lovely remedies so often being used to support symptoms and conditions such as Arthritis, Rheumatism, inflammation, bruising, muscle tendon and ligament pulls and strains, joint issues and tendonitis, sprains, repetitive strain injury, whiplash, back complaints and even bone breaks.

In a homeopathic appointment, we get to understand the whole picture of the person… including all the ways in which the injury/complaint is affecting them as it can actually be different on several levels for everyone. The remedies prescribed for one person with a recovering pulled muscle may therefore differ from those given to another. It is important to us that the mental/emotional picture is also noted as this can be an influential part of the severity of the picture.

Difficulty with Movement? 2

Once prescribed for, a patient is not then left on this remedy ongoingly… follow up appointments are made to look at the picture and see what is improving and what not and get to understand WHY, so that appropriate changes can be made if necessary. 

Improvement in all aspects of the patient’s health is again considered at every appointment so that we work towards a thorough recovery, not just a compensatory one.

If harsh medication has or is being used, Homeopathy can work alongside this too… and we can support the organs and areas that may be affected by the drugs, so that the best outcome is gained for the patients health and happiness.

Here are some of the favourite remedies you may come across when it comes to helping us with better, pain free, movement and recovery:

Arnica – shock, injury and bruising from a fall or blow, where patient typically says ‘I’m fine!’

Rhus Tox – for muscle soreness and pain where it is better after first movements, worse for still.

Ruta – Similar to Rhus Tox with sensitivity to cold and touch, yet better for pressure.

Hypericum – for nerve pain, typically shooting upwards, including sciatica.

Kalmia – for rheumatism and Neuralgia with downward shooting pain. Affinity, also with heart and eye symptoms.

Hecla Lava – Arthritic nodosities, particularly small joints. Bone pain and inflammation. Growths/tumours of bone.

Guaiacum – Arthritic pain and inflammation. Stiffness. Worse motion and heat. Helpful for frozen shoulder.

Gnaphalium – for Sciatica or neuralgia in the leg. Cramping and pain shooting down, alternating with numbness.

Bryonia – for inflammation of joints and bursitis. Worse for slightest movement. Stitching pain, also for migraine. There is irritability with this picture and often concerns over money! 

Symphytum – ‘Bone-knit’…this is wonderful for mending bones (once they are realigned after a break or fracture). It speeds up healing by a third! Good for osteoporosis and also pain at sight of old injury or amputation.

Here are two remedies that can also be taken in the form of Tissue Salts:

Difficulty with Movement? 3Calc Phos – supportive for Osteoporosis, stiffness and general bone issues. Great for growing pains.

Calc Fluor – another bone strengthener and supporter of bone pain, discomfort from enlarged finger joints due to gout or rheumatism. Especially where fatigue is also part of the picture.

(I often recommend this wonderful soothing tool! 1 large mugful in a lovely hot bath for a 15-20 minute soak! This is a great way to take Magnesium into the body!)

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Difficulty with Movement? 5
If there are any enthusiastic Homeopathic book readers out there, I just love this book:
Homeopathy for Musculoskeletal Healing by the homeopath Asa Hershoff

I hope you find this useful… and that you can know there is a lovely natural way of encouraging your body to use its own healing mechanisms when ‘nudged’ into action with the Homeopathic approach!

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Warm Wishes, as always,

Ali x

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