Full Moon Connection

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This month I wanted to bring to your attention an interesting fact about the natural connection we have with the Moon phases.

It is a well known fact that over a Full Moon, extra midwives are brought on duty as there is likelihood of a very busy delivery suite!

The Moon is associated with the tides of the sea and also our Circadian rhythm… which dictates our sleep patterns and knowledge between night and day.

Many people feel quite literally ‘pulled’ at certain times in the moon cycle, where the energies are particularly strong… some may feel emotionally all over the place, some unable to sleep and very restless, others unable to concentrate or carry out tasks as they need. There are other times when we may feel more abundant and energised too.

In our guts, if we have not managed to keep them in a suitably alkaline state, there is a little party going on after a New moon as the parasites take opportunity to breed and try and survive another month!

If there is a history of worms in your gut, or in your children’s gut, take note as we build up to the Full Moon… where activity is likely to be at its highest.


Typical signs are:

  • Restless, especially in the evenings or at night, ending up in disturbed sleep.
  • Itching around the anal area.
  • Lots of picking and eating of things!… this may be noses, fingers, scabs… apologies for the detail, but it is important to notice around this time.
  • Increased appetite and enhanced cravings… especially for sugary foods.
  • Stomach cramps and general discomfort around the abdominal area.
  • Change in behaviour; usually unsettled, aggravated and discontented.

Helpful tips:

  • Make sure good handwashing goes on in the house:  Warm soapy water and a clean nailbrush each time!
  • Discourage nail-biting and nose picking with a sensitive explanation… nails are the perfect place for the eggs to lurk and be passed on!
  • Hot clothes wash (60’) will help kill off any lurking eggs in bedsheets and underwear. You can also add a couple of drops of tea tree oil in with the washing powder/liquid.
  • Find out more about eating an alkaline diet… it’s helpful in so many other areas of our health, so worth giving a try!
  • TREAT ALL MEMBERS OF THE HOUSEHOLD in the first instance of discovering worms. Then you need to remember they have a 3-4 day cycle so treating again within the first week is important. After that, you can use your discretion, but, often three to four times a year is a good preventative measure where there are children and pets involved.
  • OVER THE COUNTER / PRESCRIBED MEDICATION is harsh during the process of eliminating worms and has other side-effects (did you know it is not licensed for under 2 year olds?!) so a natural method is best as it is so much more gentle and non-chemical.
Full Moon Connection 1

We have just been through a Full moon and our next one is 25th March. This is actually known as the WORM MOON as this is typically the month that the earthworm starts coming out of the soil, having laid low during the winter. So I thought it useful for you to have this information at the ready to start monitoring if any homeopathic worming treatment may be needed!

So there really is a thing about worms, isn’t there!

The wonderful well known remedy for helping solve the worm cycle is Cina and it is often advisable to take one dose of Cina 30c (Wormwood) daily, for the 5 days around the Full moon, and best to be taken in the evening ahead of bedtime.

There are other remedies, including Teucrium. Some of you may have been prescribed the lovely Narayani Worm Mix combination or the Homeobotanical Worms drops… and the latter I use as a 3-4 times a year natural de-wormer for my lovely dog Oscar!

Full Moon Connection 2Don’t forget the wonders of Tissue salts… Nat Phos and Nat Sulph are wonderful at helping us keep our digestive tract in a nice alkaline state; the state needed to disable the worms to settle, grow and survive in!

There is a Combination C Tissue salts available which also includes Silica and Mag Phos so do consider trying one of these options along with an alkaline diet, to keep your gut on the worm free side!

And a final remedy on the subject of worms… I also love the wonderful remedy called Lumbricus Terrestris (yes, the earthworm!) which is so helpful in spinal injuries. It also supports anything involving chronic pathology of tubal parts of the body – and therefore general support in clearing congestion and improving organ function, by stimulating the lymphatic system, meaning it is good for ear congestion even!

It applies to working with a tender and toxic bowel and this can also involve the elimination of the thread/pin worms. On the emotional level, it encourages further self-confidence and patience when going through a healing process… which is actually a fundamental part of getting better and regaining our optimal health, which sadly, is often not part of the hurried and medication-based treatment we receive when visiting our local Doctor. There are more aspects to this remedy but I think this is enough for now!

Full Moon Connection 3

If you are interested in learning more about the Moon Cycle, do checkout Yasmin Boland who explains it well: https://www.moonology.com/

Warm Wishes to you all,

Ali x

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