Feeling Fragile in February

Let me help you keep going through these continued anxsty times.

A welcome into the second month of the year and sadly, continued frustrating times for so many of us!

But let’s take a much needed deep breath as we start to read this article, and see if we can notice some more positive changes in our environment; a little more light in the mornings as we wake and a little more light in the evenings as we end our working day (…if not on night shifts, that is!). Even some spring bulbs showing and beginning to flower. We need to keep taking these slow, acknowledging deep breathes and keep noticing these small things around us even more, for now.

FRAGILITY is the theme of this month and being able to notice it within ourselves is a huge start in being able to move through it.

Fragility affects us in many different ways; it may alter our digestion and appetite, our sleep, stiffness in our body may arise, our heart rate may alter, our immunity reduce and usually more than anything, our mood may change quite significantly.

Please remember there are homeopathic remedies to help!

These are some of the remedies that are coming out a lot for patients in these current times: Oak, Arsenicum, Buddleia, Ignatia, Emerald, Passiflora, Rhus Tox…to name but a few. In true Homeopathic style, there is pretty muchly a remedy for everything, so please do get in touch if you feel you are in need of a little boost.

I am all for being proactive when it comes to managing one’s health and Homeopathy is very much a teacher of how to listen and support our bodies in order to maintain our optimum health, rather than ignore feelings and other symptoms which likely takes us to a worsened state at a time when we need to manifest and maintain our resilience as best as possible.

I continue to work wherever possible via video appointment so please book in via my website or get in touch to discuss where you are at and how I can help you.


After being part of a seminar with many women last weekend, where we took some time to talk with those present who work within the many varied roles of the NHS, it is on my heart now to reach out to them. Their training to just “keep going” was made very clear but without necessarily, the training to receive and acknowledge each other. They really are humble and do just “keep going”. Their work has been even more HUGELY demanding for pretty muchly a year of very stressful, frightening and exhaustive daily situations and adjustment and it is evident now the fragility so many are now feeling but perhaps unable to reveal as the situation does not yet show a true end in sight.

I am therefore offering free appointments to anyone working within the NHS that is looking for support and I can help. Please do let anyone you know that fits this category, to get in touch if they would like.


This month I will also be focusing on Grief and discussing the journey of a friend of mine who realised the toll that longterm anti-depressants ended up taking on her physical and mental health following the death of her husband when her children were young. The work she has done on herself, “unsuppressing” all the grief she unknowingly buried, is phenomenal and it has given me an opportunity to encourage others suffering with grief, to explore a bigger picture in managing their recovery after a loss. She has now written a book: “Widowed with Kids” by Sharon Rosenbloom. Keep an eye on my website and Facebook page: Homeopathy with Ali Lomax.


I would also like to encourage you to find out more about the benefits of owning a Home remedy kit. Until 14th February there is a wonderful FREE mini-course running again. Click on this link to get started: https://www.cheonline.co.uk/the-home-prescriber-course
It is easy to listen to, very informative and I am here to answer any questions you may have as you learn more.
My favourite kit is the Essential 42 Remedy kit from Ainsworth’s Homeopathic Pharmacy. You will need to ring them to order and details are on my website, but the other homeopathic pharmacies also supply home kits.

And at this point let’s also just take our hats off to the strong health of the Queen, Prince Phillip and Prince Charles, who continue to openly use homeopathy and are supplied by Ainsworth’s Homeopathic Pharmacy!

I am not a nutritionist, but I would encourage you to continue to consider boosting your immune systems with Vit C, Vit D with K2, Zinc and Quercitin. You can have your Vitamin and mineral levels checked by blood test via your GP to help you manage effective dosing and speak to a nutritional supplier or therapist to understand more.


Remember the successes documented during the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918…Homeopathic treatment worked wonders compared to the other medical treatment being offered at the time! If you are suffering with the Covid 19 Virus, there are remedies to support you through it and minimize the long term effects that a virus can leave us with. Again, please just get in touch.

We are through January and will get through February!
Wishing you warmth, calm and sustained good health in the meantime.

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