Moving Forward Into 2021

Hello to all you lovely people!

As we start moving forward into 2021, I just wanted to connect to let you know I am back to work and ready to help you.

The dampness is here; cold grey and often wet days are surrounding us as we come to terms with the new and more severe lockdown situation.
My heart goes to all struggling with this…in fact, I don’t know one person who isn’t in some way struggling with the news.

However, what got me through last year was the great resource of gratuity…. Finding a place in my head and heart on the really down days, where I realized quite quickly that things were a lot worse for a lot more other people. So I encourage you to find some visualisations of those others in your first moments of despair, in the hopes that it somehow alleviates the depth to which your heart and positivity may be sinking.

We need to be able to acknowledge our feelings rather than bury them but for some of us this is hard and we put pressure on ourselves to smile that happy smile no matter what!

I would encourage all readers to allow a moment whenever necessary to express any pent up concerns and find a strategy of comfort and empathy to self. Three things come to mind immediately:

  1. Exercise…getting into a physically challenging series of movements can release! You don’t have to exercise quietly, and dancing is very much an option here! Yoga and stretching can also be effective in balancing the body and mind. And of course, starting off with a 10-20 minute daily walk can also bring about a change in energy…just try and see!
  2. Journaling…get it out by writing it down! Once you have emptied your head onto paper, you do not need to read it, keep it or add to it later. It is an exercise for the here and now each time to simply try and relieve you of agitation or upset. Don’t think about what you are going to write…just get pen to paper and “let go”.
  3. Conscious Breathing…this is such an easy and natural self-calmer which we so often forget to use. Learning to deep breathe into your belly is the key thing and this can be more difficult when we are tense. Sit straight or lie down flat and lay one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. When you calmly breathe in try to feel your lower hand rise, indicating the breath is going down into the belly area. If you are only feeling your upper hand rise and fall with your breath you need to focus a little more in order to let the breath reach further down into your body. If you can count in with 5 and out with 7-10 this will help relax things. Next goal; to try and achieve 5 – 10 consecutive full breaths without losing count…if you lose count you need to start again! If you can achieve 2 or 3 batches of 10 breathes even better for the better-calmed outcome!

Homeopathy has a holistic approach to health so will automatically support each individual both physically and emotionally when necessary. We can often find a physical symptom from unprocessed emotion; headaches are a very common example. It is my job as a Homeopath, to help you understand what your body is telling you by its very own “body talk”…otherwise known as SYMPTOMS. When we are tuned into our body and keep everything in balance, we can experience a better quality of health as we are not letting the symptoms multiply! Homeopathic remedies primarily work as balancers and in such a magical way, so I always encourage patients to be pro-active in keeping their bodies in check! I offer regular “seasonal” appointments to enable patients to maintain good health as well as acute or chronic treatment appointments…you can book in via my website or phone me.

Stay safe and take care over the next few weeks.

Ali x

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