May Already?

A warm hello to all amidst my honest admission that I feel a little gobsmacked realising how quickly the previous month went by and that we are ALREADY in the pretty month of May!

Recognition of the blossom surrounding us, more colour in the trees and flowerbeds and a lot of bird activity is at the heart of my daily gratuity and when things feel a little cold and flat, these thoughts and observations are most helpful.

The prolonged cold this year has been a feature and needs working with! If you are sitting here out of the sun, and perhaps inside with the heating on, do remind yourselves of the power of movement and stretching and also the warmth we can manifest as we take on a series of 5-10 deep breaths in and out, perhaps in batches of 5, sitting upright with our shoulders up and back in order that we open up our hearts and chest area. We need to welcome in whatever warmth and sun we can find as it usually always make a difference to our outlook, even just for a few moments.

The pollen is very strong this year, so do remember how helpful Homeopathy can be with this, and get in touch if you need help. Mine too has been challenging! Some people have also been feeling possible side effects of the Vaccine and although it is very unknown territory for both Conventional Medics and Alternative Medicine practitioners, there may be symptoms that can be supported and improved with Homeopathy. Again, don’t sit in silent suffering, please feel free to get in touch.

It has been lovely to explore bluebell woods nearby again and I couldn’t resist giving you a little picture and description of the Homeopathic Bluebell remedy, many aspects of which resonate at the moment for many of us.

Agraphis Nutans

This remedy came to mind after a lovely walk in our amazing bluebell woods!

So I thought I would give you a little description as to how it can be used as a homeopathic remedy.

It is essentially best known for Adenoid trouble! The glands can be enlarged and troublesome. With the typical trait of excess mucous too, there can be much blockage/congestion with effects on the ears and hearing. Bluebell (Agraphis Nutans) also helps children who are prone to “glue ear” and ear infections, especially following vaccination.

There is also help given to children with mutism but without hearing difficulties with this remedy.

Other glands can be enlarged and troublesome and there may be hormonal imbalance; so this would include the thyroid, pineal and pituitary glands.

With the excess mucous, this remedy can also help those struggling with infertility as the fallopian tubes might well be congested, not allowing sperm to pass through successfully.

It brings relief and support to damaged nerves, including the myelin sheath.

This remedy is good for those affected by the damp.

There can be frontal temple headaches.

It matches the picture of people withdrawing and/or suffering from claustrophobia.

It is also a great remedy for crises; helping a person come calmly through an overwhelming occurrence which they felt would otherwise easily defeat them! It brings hopefulness as well as relieving what is often inherited fear.

Other symptoms supported well with Bluebell (Agraphis Nutans) are sadness and grief and feeling a bit unconnected; “as if brain full of cotton wool” and the want to withdraw, also a sense of loss of trust in others. And finally, there can be concentration issues arising as the mind feels scattered.

What a lovely remedy… Now go and find some bluebells!

Until next time…

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