Stepping Back Out…?

Welcome Summer! …what so many of us have been waiting for!

There is more movement all round; the growth of the plants in this lovely warmer weather, the young birds starting to leave nests, leaves on the trees offering a dance display as they are moved by a gentle breeze.

And we are moving a bit more ourselves too… lockdown has lessened, shops are operating more fully, pubs, cafes and restaurants are resuming their patterns of service and customers are lapping it up! Traffic is busier on roads again and these recent Half term weeks have been the first opportunity for so many to see loved ones; even moving ready and wrapped 2020 Christmas and birthday gifts to their destination at last!

There is more light and I do think we have said goodbye to the cold nights and frosts! This is important positive “stuff” to appreciate! My question is, however, a very important one: how are YOU in all this movement?

The concept of Stepping back out is, for many, understandably quite different in practice than in theory – and THAT IS OK! My thoughts and words this month are very much dedicated to this transition and again, the FRAGILITY and ANXIETY/APPREHENSION that many may also find themselves carrying… but may not wish to publicise. (See also February’s blog on Fragility).

Having lived simply, quietly and in prolonged restriction, it is not surprising that you may feel overwhelmed when it actually comes to your first social engagement, whether it be a trip to the local shop or a meal out or family function. This too is OK. And we just need to manage it carefully!

Now is the time to digest and comprehend what we have been through during the last 16 months and not push ourselves too much, especially when it causes more pressure. For some people, there is a true aspect of grief either from the physical loss of a dear loved one or known person, but also from the trauma of loss of a “normal” life as we knew it.

As we understand our needs now, so we can continue supporting our immune systems and gain the confidence in our own health and inner strength by managing our stress wherever possible. I am finding the remedy Oak very helpful in helping us to reground ourselves during this transition. Time is also a great healer.

We need to be brave enough to try “moving”, but with due care and attention yet also confidence. (I also refer to the simple but powerful effects of good handwashing practice here too!) And we may need to go at a very different pace to others around us – so long as we aim to achieve some of the joy in life we so deserve and need each day!

If the above mentioned resonates, I invite you to take a little moment, grab a pen and paper, and write down just how you are feeling as you read this blog.

  • Name the feelings.
  • Describe how they are presenting (AKA: recognise your symptoms).
  • Most of all, be kind to yourself; do not allow any judgement to come up as to whether you should or should not be feeling like this.

Just sit with it and give yourself a very therapeutic hug by placing your right hand in your left armpit and then reaching your left hand across your chest to grip onto your right upper arm… and hold gently but tightly enough to feel the usual very beneficial impact this position can give you. Take 5 long deep breathes and feel the self-security.

Vaccinated or Unvaccinated, there is still a lot of uncertainty for us with this Covid-19 virus and we will be needing to use strategies from our toolbox to navigate our way through the ups and downs as it gradually fades away. A Pandemic usually takes approximately 2 years to dissipate and I am preparing for 3 years in my own lifestyle as we do know that Covid-19 is presenting with more unknowns than the typical influenza variations. It is a good reminder to know that as a nation, we came through the Spanish Flu and Homeopathy had fantastic documented success in helping those afflicted with their recovery across the world:;year=2020;volume=14;issue=2;spage=152;epage=159;aulast=Shinde and

Another reminder: Homeopathy works holistically so the mental and emotional aspects of each patient are understood alongside the physical complaints. Arsenicum Album and Bryonia have been two fabulous well used remedies in particular by homeopaths across the world, but there are many more remedies and each patient will receive remedies that match their individual symptom picture.
So remember: there is no “one standard prescription” as you would often see in conventional treatment! There is no suppression of symptoms from the remedies or side effects; homeopathy simply supports the body in its self-healing mechanisms and a more thorough, long-term recovery is likely. It is therefore relevant for supporting Long Covid or post Covid-19 symptoms.

So please do get in touch should you a) catch the virus or b) feel the need to discuss your health and how the anxiety or overwhelm of the last year has or is affecting your health and we can tackle it together.

And I am here as usual, working with health using homeopathy, whatever the imbalance, to be contacted as normal via my website where my details are:

Ali x

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