Snow White and Homeopathy!

Homeopathy is for EVERYONE!

Snow White and Homeopathy! 1I love this image of Snow White dolling out remedies necessary for her not so well seven dwarfs!

They all have different ailments and they will all be treated differently, also because of their characters… they may even be of different ages (I must remember to ask Snow White how old her team of seven dwarfs are when I next see her! ;-)) …and this is how Homeopathy works!

A remedy that does the trick to help manage symptoms and push us through an illness thoroughly can be so much cheaper than going through repeated over the counter medicines or prescriptions from the doctor!

It is simple but can also treat complex cases and I like this aspect too!

Snow White and Homeopathy! 2

I’m again going to recommend this wonderful downloadable course… still going for free should you wish to find out a little bit more about using a home remedy kit with more confidence. Maybe watch it with a friend… sometimes two heads is better than one when it comes to getting the hang of choosing a remedy in an everyday ailment situation. 

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Do feel free to pass on my website and social media details to friends and family if you think Homeopathy may benefit them – especially if they haven’t even heard of it!

Snow White and Homeopathy! 3I won’t have much more to say this month as it has been a holiday time for me and also, I have been very busy preparing for our local village ‘Horsley Big Day Out’ as part of their Wellness Festival! It was a great day and I loved the opportunity to chat all things ‘Homeopathy’. 

BUT, before I go… how about I give you insight into a favourite remedy of mine that you might find useful at some point? If so, do let me know… it is always good to hear feedback when remedies come to our rescue!



…a remedy centered mainly around the nervous system, for dizziness, over-tiredness, exhaustion from over caring and ‘night watching’. 

It is therefore so wonderful for burnt out parents who are going through broken nights with their babies and children, and carers of the sick or spouses who are aging and still main carers. People struggling with night shift work may find this useful. There is often a feeling of weakness in the legs with trembly, aching knees, there can be shaking of the hands which becomes worse after eating. Everything feels better when lying down again. It is also great for travel/motion sickness and helpful with morning sickness, especially when it comes with painful wind. And for painful and for profuse periods where again, standing and walking feel too much. There can be grief, anxiety and anger with this remedy picture… often also part of the over caring role.

I wish you all good health, and the right choice in Homeopathic remedies if you are trialling your own home remedy kits!

Warmest Wishes,
Ali x

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