Taking Time for Trauma

This month I wanted to talk a little bit about Trauma.

In a nutshell, Trauma needs time, attention and understanding.

We are all likely to carry trauma to an extent… as we are growing up and developing, situations, events and words can have a very different impact than even intended. They may be considered minor trauma. But if they are still with you and you are affected and distracted by them, as an adult, it is worth noting this and considering doing a little work on allowing them to at least lessen, or preferably disappear.

If there has been one or more significant difficult event that would quickly be referred to as TRAUMATIC, then there are likely to be underlying and suppressed emotions. They may be kept well ‘under lid’ as we learn to move forward in life, but can still find times to re-emerge or be triggered. This is hard and sometimes even harder to live with! There is no doubt about that. And we often do our best to push them back down again.

In fact, it is often felt  that if we choose to allow them to come up, we will re-visit those terrible events at the same expense and that in itself may feel too traumatic… navigating everyday life becomes even more complex.

This is where Homeopathy has such wonderful knowledge on how to naturally and carefully work with our bodies and mind.

Taking Time for Trauma 1

There are many key remedies for all traumatic damage types.

With a careful and gentle appointment, I can take note of what happened and when and how it plays out, both then and now. Where possible, we form a timeline; attention is paid to all aspects of your health – how your body is typically functioning in digestion, sleep, headaches, lung and heart complaints, skin and perspiration symptoms, and so on… and then we also look at mood including fear, anxiety, depression, anger, grief and burn out. It can affect our immune systems too. The chosen remedy or remedies will be prescribed and work very subtly with the body’s own vital force so as not to cause further difficulty.

It is often found that just being able to relate a little more to how the body is processing during the safe confines of an appointment, that a degree of healing starts again… more easily and comfortably than anticipated.


Some patients may be on suppressive medication to alleviate the difficulty of not being able to function as they would like each day, but they do not want to stay on this because of the long term side effects.

We often find with chemical medication, that one pill leads to another or that a patient may develop physical symptoms that are not understood to be related to the trauma, especially if they are physical things as mentioned above. They then get treated separately and there can be an antagonism between the two separate things being treated, with no-one really monitoring how the two fit together and looking at progress in improvement in BOTH health issues at the same time…

Taking Time for Trauma 2

Homeopathy automatically offers a more holistic approach and would notice all change and want to understand where it stemmed from… not just temporarily try and fix it. We know it will likely re-appear, even in the form of another health complaint.

Many patients do not feel quite themselves when on these medications and although it relieves the difficult symptoms, they want to feel less ‘numbed’.

Once on the homeopathic remedies, it may often be the case that they can start to reduce these medications because they are responding well to Homeopathy and want to try. This of course is done with due care and attention and in the best scenarios, we work together with their Medical doctor / Health team.

The longer we carry trauma that is not worked with, the more likely it is to manifest in our health more internally with chronic disease, especially around our key organs. You may have heard the expression of ‘eating away inside’…this is what I mean!

Homeopathy is a well researched system that understands how to start and support the un-locking process carefully, gently and with professional guidance and in the strictest of confidence.

Taking Time for Trauma 3

I have also recently trained in a wonderful therapy known as TPM: Thought Pattern Management, which helps in many trauma and non-trauma situations where overwhelm and even mental paralysis can occur.

Please do ask me more if you think this would also help… it works alongside Homeopathy beautifully.

To be able to make sense of your health and how the trauma has and is affecting you, no matter how little, is a very empowering thing. To feel in control of working with it and seeing a difference emerging is even more powerful. 

I invite you to get in touch or recommend this information to a friend or relative who may benefit, if it has made sense.

Take time for Trauma… it is so worth it.

I wish you a Happy June!

Ali x

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