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A Big Hello to you lovely women! HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY 2020!

Following a busy few months with family and business, at last the technophobe in me has come out of its shell again! (For those that already know me, I continue to work on mastering my slightly erratic relationship with all things technological!)

And how timely, that it is Women’s Day today, across the globe!

This is my first post, welcoming you lovely Ladies of all ages, into my added dimension of Homeopathic work; specializing in Women’s Health.

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! Women’s Health is such a huge topic and, often unknowingly, extremely well supported with the use of Homeopathy.

Working with a Homeopathic System of medicine, we get to understand more clearly how our bodies work, how and when symptoms show us that something is not quite right, and with the remedies and understanding in itself, focus on bringing our bodies back to our optimum health naturally and harmoniously.

Working with women is a passion that has grown within me over the years as I have come to meet and work with so many in different groups and at different stages of their journeys. Having entered into the Menopause, I now felt the time had come to speak out a bit more! I myself, have certainly been tested to the hilt with many hormonal/menstrual scenarios and I have total empathy for those struggling in some way; whether it be long term or short-term suffering…there is hope!

Women encompass a journey through many different stages during their lives. We are living differently nowadays to previous generations where the extended family usually surrounded us in our day to day lives and where there was, therefore, regular contact and support from other more experienced female figures whom we knew and they already knew us! I feel we have reached a crossroads now where women have more choice and diversity in the way they live their lives than ever before…However, do we actually have or know the right balance for ourselves, individually? Stress and burn out feature more and more as the base cause of many health issues in women. Stress is a direct contributor to hormone imbalance.

Homeopathic appointments take the time to understand our current health picture and how our endocrine systems are presenting …. or perhaps mispresenting and work towards bringing back a natural hormonal balance with specific remedies.

Conventional medicine offers plenty of synthetic hormonal support but for many clients, it just doesn’t do the job enough. Even whilst some aspects may improve, the typical phrase used by clients is “but I still just don’t feel myself”…or “I just don’t want to keep on feeling like this”.

So…. please do sit back and enjoy the posts I will regularly put out, that may be of interest to you.

If you have not used Homeopathy before, please feel free to get in touch to have a chat.

Wishing you well!
Ali x

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