Coronavirus & Homeopathy

This is my first newsletter…with a slightly different tone to how I originally had planned. But I wanted to be in touch and to encourage a place of support and recognition of what is current.

As Spring is beginning to clearly show its mark, we are also finding ourselves in a time of confusion, anticipation and lots of “practical mess” in our day to day lives.

Many of us will be arriving at the realities of “lock down” for 14 days…maybe even more; we wait to hear recommendations and witness how health progresses in those around us and afar.

I have noticed my heart going out particularly to the elderly, the more susceptible and the children, where routine and “normality” are usually vital in their daily journeys in life.


These days are testing! No Doubt we will all find ourselves being emotionally challenged within and by others and situations around us, as the tension from the daily news and regular talk continues. Fear provokes us into “going into our heads” too much. It exhausts us, draining our necessary supplies of naturally reserved energy to keep our vitality at its best levels. In Homeopathy we refer to our levels of “Susceptibility”. The more we can recognize in ourselves when we are worrying too much and learn to use strategies to keep us as balanced as possible, especially in prolonged times of stress and difficult times, the less susceptible we will be to a weakened immune system.

The good news is: that there are wonderful Homeopathic remedies to support these fearful states, ease us out of our heads and help re-balance our systems.

I therefore want to encourage you all to take a deep breath, (or 5!) and take stock of what is around you and name 5 things that are visibly able to be appreciated right now. (I have a warm room I am sitting in, I have a watertight roof over my head, I have food in the fridge for tonight’s main meal etc…). You can then do this with physical and emotional observations.

I also can’t stress enough the benefits of getting out for a walk or getting a bit of exercise in the fresh air daily to ground oneself and just let a change of energy occur in order to boost our inner strength and vitality.

Some of you will also resonate with the difference putting on some music spontaneously and having a sing-along or jive. The idea is to keep “refreshing” the thinking when we are prone to have a head full of whirling thoughts!


I want to reassure you that as Homeopathy treats patients individually, observing and matching their symptoms (referred to as “Like Cures Like” within the Law of Similars) there are many remedies we can choose from to treat each person as they present in illness and Homeopathy has great success in tackling viruses and working with our immunity!

In fact, here is some writing on the effectiveness witnessed during the Spanish Flu epidemic after World War 1.


I am keeping up to date with the regular reports now coming through with most recent results of homeopathic treatment of cases internationally. There is fantastic networking and I am very positive about the good communication we are having between us as Registered Qualified Homeopaths both locally and globally. I have available the remedies I believe I will likely need for individual cases. You just need to get in touch if you have any questions.


Knowing you as a Homeopath, I would like to encourage you to continue following the NHS health guidelines on hygiene at this time. There are currently daily updates and guidelines on contact in particular.

I would also like to confirm that I can keep in touch by distance via video or phone call appointments and email updates.

We are blessed to have such good options when it comes to keeping in touch with others so I urge you to continue this as appropriate, with the elderly and vulnerable…a phone call or video call or note through the door offering a conversation or favour such as shopping collection etc could make all the difference.

Please use my website booking system or get in touch via email or phone to enable any help or treatment to be provided. We will continue to hope Royal Mail continues, and for local clients I can have prescriptions ready for collection by hand either at my home practice or at the Ashtead clinic.

Wishing you all well
And hoping to benefit from the Spring light and colour as it blossoms around us!
Ali xox

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