A 2020 Wrap Up

Hello Everybody!

This comes with a warm welcome into the Winter season.

I hope it finds you snug enough amidst the seasonal change of temperature and falling leaves…..my mind goes straight to those curled up little dormice now very much bedding down for their time in hibernation!

We have all been through a tough year on many levels and if there is a chance we can now start to plan some slowing down and some time off around the festive celebrity days that would be a wise and a very healing thing to do. Some extra time would be even more desirable in recognition of the fact that the “normal” holiday breaks we might have taken through the year, to relax and rejuvenate simply have not happened! 

With all the constant fear and adaptation that Covid 19 has brought to the world, there is no doubt that our nervous systems are likely to continue being well overworked. The daily uncertainty is still present and in particular, the prolonged simple lack of social contact with close family and friends has played on many hearts and minds, especially for the elderly and more vulnerable. We may have noticed specific new “symptoms” in ourselves as a result of the stress we have endured getting through the year.

Homeopathy understands the impact in a very thorough way, taking into account the way our bodies receive and deal with stresses and strains on both physical and emotional levels. The huge variety of remedies are there specifically to support us in processing effectively and easing our way out of “stuck” situations where we feel we may be sinking rather than swimming! As a result, our immune systems are likely to stay stronger when keeping on top of our mental health as well as our physical health, so please do get in touch if you feel you need a boost! (My website is now linked to a safe booking and automatic payment system).

On account of this post resonating with all we are going through, I wanted to leave you with a message of continued support and hope.

1) Hope and Calm: If we can lead each day on waking with a message of empathy and love firstly to ourselves, we can more easily allow ourselves to continue the day living in the present as much as possible in order that we do not go into overwhelm….which is often a feature of the build up to Christmas for so many people anyway! Being present to what is going on within and around us can feel more manageable than getting wrapped up in all the thoughts that might be buzzing around in our heads.

2) Breathe: Bringing a smile to your face and taking 3 deep, long breathes in and out can allow a “refresh” button effect! It can also bring us to the present so that we can let go of excess thoughts more easily in order to get us through to the next moment.

3) Epsom Salt Baths: As many of you know, I fully encourage the stress relief and physical nurturing of a bath with Epsom salts! Add 1 large mug full and soak for 15-20 minutes at least three times a week (I find ordering online much cheaper: e.g.www.Epsomsalts.co.uk).

4) Meditation: Managing a 20 minute guided meditation can be very effective in calming your nervous system and preserving our mental and physical resources! Reaching the 20-minute mark gets our brains back into the Alpha state where we can really go within and gain benefit of calm and clarity in our thinking and presence.

With my festive thoughts arriving, these 7 remedies immediately sprung to mind and you can read about them in my Remedies for Christmas blog.

I wish you all a probably “different” but nurturing Christmas and festive season ahead with good health and renewed energy.

With love

My practice will be closed between Tuesday 22nd December and Tuesday 5th January. Please do not forget the out of hours help that is available for urgent attention:
The Homeopathic Helpline – 09065 343404

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