Remedies For Christmas

My mind is beginning to focus on the last few weeks of the year and what our needs may be at this time… particularly with reference to Christmas and festive indulgence! Here are 7 remedies that come to mind immediately!

Remedies for Christmas - Stomach Ache

Nux Vomica

That wonderful “untwister” of the gut and bowel! For when you are stressed, twitchy, impatient and overindulging and your body is telling you! You don’t need to fight with the digestive discomfort so much, especially good as a hangover aid!


An exhaustion remedy; particularly relevant for carers and parents who may suffer from repeated broken nights, along with the exhaustion from the preparation and excitement this time of year brings about… in fact so tired that nausea and dizziness may appear. Also a great travel sickness remedy for any long journey that may need to be made!

Remedies For Christmas 1
Remedies For Christmas 2


Oh for the calm! Fabulous supporter and calmer for the overexcited and wound-up children (or adults) who are clearly finding it hard to wind down as desired by the rest of the family, in order to settle to sleep nicely! One dose an hour before bedtime or at any point where the excitement has become overwhelming.


Sometimes preparing for a festive event with the extended family or friends can be very testing, trying to cater for everyone’s needs and hold one’s tongue or pretend all is fine when you may actually be on fire inside! A dose of this remedy may alleviate the pent up emotions, especially when anger is involved!

Remedies For Christmas 3
Remedies For Christmas 4

Arsenicum Album

Fear and nervousness about ill health, germs, the future and the unpredictable… very much a remedy of 2020 and being used in incredible amounts and often selling out around the world! Also a fantastic reliever of food poisoning symptoms.


For the onset of a bug IF TAKEN WHEN FIRST NOTICED… Aconite can stop it in its tracks with one or two doses! Also, a good shock or Anxiety remedy should there be any family dramas.

Remedies For Christmas 5
Remedies For Christmas 6

ABC – Homeopathy’s alternative to Calpol

This is a combination of the remedies Aconite, Belladonna and Calendula. Wonderful to use when someone is just not feeling quite right and has the symptoms of a possible winter bug with a temperature when it first presents and the body is trying to fight it off itself. The body is likely to continue its natural journey of deterring the illness admirably with this remedy, ie if not suppressed with the typical over the counter medicines. Definitely worth a try!

These remedies can be ordered in 30c or 200c potency from any of the following pharmacies

Ainsworths Pharmacy
Helios Homeopathy
Nelson’s Pharmacy
Neal’s Yard Remedies


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