Hello Autumn

Embracing a new Autumn and Tackling fear!

I am just tuning in to all you lovely folk as a new season is clearly presenting itself around us, and no doubt within us too!

Homeopathy is here to help you fully embrace the turn of the season and prepare your health, both mentally and physically, for the change in weather and light. There are remedies to support fear, Seasonal depression and mood decline, aggravations from lower temperatures and the damp, loneliness and combatting the general increase in colds and other viruses that circulate quickly once the central heating comes on! If you have a home remedy kit, now is the time to ensure it is fully loaded! But you know where I am should you wish for any advice.

As I have reflected on earlier in the year, during the long haul of Covid 19 arriving and remaining with us since, there has been a LOT of fear to deal with during 2020. Fear can have such an effect on our health and is best understood rather than ignored and allowed to “fester”. HOWEVER, this is so often easier said than done…and I am sure we can all quickly relate to this.

Our immune systems take a massive dip when we are experiencing fear, yet we know this is a time to really boost our own immunity in as many ways as possible. SO, my message in this newsletter is really about tackling fear and re-establishing our confidence in managing ourselves in mind as well as body.

With its holistic approach, Homeopathic remedies are likely to fully support you during these Autumn weeks and help process any “stuck” internalized anxiety or other emotions, whether severe or minor. Some of you may have experienced grief, shock, loss and bad news. Many of the young have felt restricted and lacking in what they deserve and have felt lost in their vision post exams. Many older people have felt severely isolated. Lack of touch, let alone regular social contact, have also been aspects many have realized compromise their general well-being. Now is a time to recognize if and where we are lacking and look at options to modify things.

We are all trying to get back to normal yet with growing uncertainty again as a second wave of the virus appears to be arriving; so to have some tools in our toolbox to manage this everchanging picture of life around us is crucial in order that we can feel as best in control as possible of our own health and happiness, at least.

Here are some tips that may be worth trying in order to get the most out of each day, especially the “harder” days:

  1. Having a timetable…do you have a structure of what you are doing and when? Having a simple daily focus with a timetable broken down into morning, afternoon and evening can give light to gaps that can then be filled. A little forethought and going to bed with knowledge of what you are doing the next day is usually found to be comforting and inspiring and allows a sense of purpose and positive energy to come forth. In the case of an over busy lifestyle, this can also enable opportunity to visually see the imbalance of work/activity and self-care and initiate a process of working out how to reduce the stresses and demands to a better balance and incorporate enough self-care, particularly enough good nutrition and sleep.
  2. A List of Joy…we can ask ourselves the question: What brings us joy? And then act on it by listing things down and choosing to ensure we try using one of them at least each day, adding it into the timetable. Ultimately, we are in charge of our own happiness and sometimes we need to remind ourselves! Chatting about this with a friend can also evoke a cheery conversation and enable focus on ideas more easily. Seizing the thoughts of what we do already have, and experiencing gratuity is often something we simply forget to do and here is an opportunity to touch base with gratuity maybe!
  3. Journaling…having a special book to note down thoughts, memories, feelings or descriptions can be very effective in working out “stuckness”! Nobody else needs to see, and by simply teaching ourselves to “empty our heads” regularly can be incredibly relieving as we gain energy by letting go, especially when it is having a negative impact on our general happiness.
  4. Movement and Nature…stirring our “vital force” is all to do with Homeopathy too! Starting our day with a smile for no reason, 3 – 5 deep breaths and using our bodies to their optimum whenever possible is important to keep everything working in harmony and balance. I resonate with the phrase: You lose it if you don’t use it” here! And this means memory too! Starting our day with 3 – 5 deep breaths and going outside for a daily walk or even potter around the garden is key, come rain or shine even. So, it’s time to go into the cupboards and dig out the wet/cold weather gear in preparation! There is a subtle cumulative effect from using these aspects…after a few weeks of putting them into daily practise it may suddenly feel “right”…that it is beneficial. Yet in the early days, it may feel hard to notice enough benefit.

I invite you to let me know your experiences with the above suggestions!

I am currently available for appointments mainly via video call. However, like many, I am feeling my way into good precautionary and safe practice should there be a need to see a patient in person occasionally.

Homeopathy is very supportive in tackling viruses and post viral complications so please do get in touch to understand how I can help should you be suffering or know anyone suffering, that may want advice.

Please get in touch by email at or by phone: 07810533528.

Wishing you all the best, and above all, the confidence and knowledge to manage your health holistically during the Autumn.

Ali Lomax

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