Continued Support During Lockdown

Hello lovely People!

I felt it was time to get in touch again just to wish you well as we accomplish yet another 3 weeks of lockdown and what may be more to come

Free Online Course

So here is some good news. However, it is only Free until May 31st! It is an exciting thing to tell you about: A lovely FREE mini-course on Homeopathic Home-Prescribing. To access it, click here to sign up for the easy-listening, well presented 5 hour demonstration of just how helpful having a Home Kit of some of the key, more commonly used remedies can be. With an understanding from Hilery Dorrian’s wonderful teaching, you can realise that these remedies can almost replace your typical First Aid kit, bar the thermometer, plasters and bandages! From diarrhoea, splinters, bites and stings, to boils, cold sores, temperatures, coughs, colds and ‘flu. Enjoy! I am sure it will make happy listening, and for many, there is some extra time now to allocate! Please also, do feel free to share the link and spread the word of this wonderful opportunity.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has definitely sprung and the sun has been very kind in these testing few weeks. I am truly grateful for this, as I am sure are most of us! However, with the seasonal pollen and regular windy spells there is a lot of hay fever to be dealt with!

Homeopathy is usually extremely helpful with hay fever and to be able to use remedies instead where possible and avoid the long term effects of steroid inhalers or nasal sprays is a blessing, which we often only appreciate later on in life. I usually encourage patients to look at side effects of any medication they are prescribed in order to be aware of symptoms of these developing. The regularly updated BNF (British National Formulary) is the source the GP’s use and you can find it online. Quite often using a Hayfever Programme over 6 weeks or more usually prior to but sometimes also during, the hay fever season is extremely useful. Please do get in touch if you would like some homeopathic support in this area.

Keeping our immune systems well supported is key at the moment and suppressive medication will not allow the body’s self defence to work to its optimum long term.


How is your sleep going? Without as much to’ing and fro’ing at the moment, we may find ourselves less drained from a long and stressful commute or school run for example. For those being furloughed from work there may be more time too for oneself, to rest or focus on other activities. However, these are anxious times for many and sleep may well be where it starts to show.
Thoughts of uncertainty may present themselves when we “still” our bodies at night. Anxious feelings may fill our heads and leave us agitated and unsettled, restless and even with an accelerated heart beat and or excess perspiration. Fear of the future, fear of health, financial worries, anxiety and upset in relationships perhaps if we are finding it hard to live in each other’s pockets as we need to at the moment, Loneliness, Fear of safety, or quite, simply Irrational thoughts!  

Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep

Please don’t feel you need to do this alone, there are many Homeopathic remedies for sleep. In Fact, guess what, one of them is called: Coffea, derived from the coffee bean! Yes, this is also a perfect example of the Homeopathic Principle of “Like Cures Like” discovered when Founder of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, made his first confirmatory discovery; a remedy from the Peruvian Bark, Cinchoma, that he had heard was being used successfully to treat Malaria when other treatments were not having the desired effect. Hahnemann named his remedy “China” and started developing symptoms matching those in Malaria, soon after taking his first doses.  Today China is still a very well used remedy in Homeopathy and of course, is often a first “Go to” remedy should a patient have malarial symptoms!
Back to sleep; bedtime is so often a time when “life can play out”. We are properly still for the first time in perhaps 14+ hours and things that we have been too distracted to deal with during the day come to light when the stillness and space is eventually there. As I have mentioned often, Homeopathy recognises the combination of emotional/mental and physical symptoms and it is often that anxiety and fear are quite quick to present themselves when we are trying to go to sleep!  We may have been finding it hard to address our emotions and feelings, but they revisit at some point, whether we like it or not!
Winding down calmly at least an hour before bed is an important factor; breathing or relaxation exercises or calming audio support are helpful tools. You are likely to also have heard the importance to come away from the stimulation of “blue light” screens and avoid stimulants such as chocolate, alcohol, tea or coffee. But the right match in remedy will also invoke a better success rate in helping your body to come to a better place in processing the mind chatter.  
The energy of Homeopathy helps us, in its magical way, come to a better awareness of what our bodies and minds need and what needs to be dealt with. They resonate with our vital force, enabling a “fine-tuning” in prioritising an order of importance, enabling us to work through the causes one stage at a time, without us crashing with overwhelm! Homeopathy is, therefore, very “do-able” and also works alongside other therapies. A patient of mine described her nights as becoming good but “busy” nights; when needing to deal with some underlying grief, and in starting her prescribed remedies, she had an escalation of dreams which she was aware of but did not ever disturb her sleep as such, leaving her to move through the root cause AND experience good night’s sleep. 
Homeopathy can help reset our circadian rhythm too which is another very helpful job often to be done with working towards improving poor sleep and putting to rest the poor patterns we may have got ourselves into.!

Still Open During Lockdown

I am still practising virtually and despite my love/hate relationship with technology, all is going well to date! In fact there ARE benefits of it at this time and I myself had a VERY positive experience with a Zoom Weekend seminar with 80 people which I had been very dubious about! The best way to book is to use my online booking system on the website.
I wish you well in managing the next stage of Lockdown, and the excitement, courage and fear of stepping out again!
Just as Homeopathy treats every patient and symptom individually, I hope the free online course I’ve mentioned is of use, especially when helping us to remain calm and supportive not only to ourselves, but to others, over the next few weeks.
I wish you well during the month of May!
Ali x 
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