Testing, Testing!

Another month has passed in Lockdown and summer is well on its way with glorious sunshine and warmth… until it recently changed, testing us further as we are beginning to start mixing socially and need the warmth and dry to do this in the most practical way!

We have been tested in many ways for many weeks, hence the title of this piece of writing, and many have been tested in far more ways than others. Perhaps now is a time to pause and take stock of how we have managed to get through this period… and re-establish how we can keep going for however long it takes for things to settle down and as much as possible return to normal when the time is right.

We can reflect on positive things too; the wonderful developments in community spirit within so many neighbourhoods, identifying and reaching out to those with a variety of needs that were initially compromised but still needed meeting. The huge lessening in road and air pollution enabling nature to flourish again and be noticed in the glorious weather that has also come. We have been able to be grateful for things we took for granted; technology and the internet to keep us all in touch with each other and to gain access to things we are unable to get from closed shops. People have been exploring the benefits of thinking “outside the box” and reaping the benefits of achieving goals and tasks in previously unexplored ways because we have simply had to make do with less… less items in a weekly shop, less money, less sport and leisure activities, less contact with friends and family, less transport opportunities… and the list goes on.

Today, therefore, is also an opportunity to remind you that thinking outside of the box may have also been a main reason in bringing you to Homeopathy… and Homeopathy is always here for testing times!
Here are some relevant examples…

  1. Continued Lockdown poses the need to develop further courage, patience and due care in optimizing our own health and vitality in order to maintain a strong immune system so that we may soon emerge safely as a nation and without further mortality rate. Testing is now beginning to become available, but in the meantime, if we can be confident in managing and trusting our own immune systems, we will have less fear and subsequently have less susceptibility to ill health. Homeopathy comes into its own in a pandemic situation as each individual can be supported with remedies that closely match their symptoms as they develop and change, enabling optimum health improvement with least long-term damage. I mentioned previously the success of Homeopathy back in 1918 during the Spanish Flu. Should anyone reading this be suffering or know of anyone suffering with the Covid19 virus or with post-viral symptoms, please do get in touch. There are remedies that will make all the difference in a more permanent optimum recovery. Post-Covid Lung damage and post-viral fatigue are particularly common and hard to overcome as thoroughly with conventional medication.
  2. Exam testing: Those in education are typically now in exam time and this may or may not be happening, leaving many disillusioned teenagers and young adults. Remedies are available specifically to support a calm and clear mind with optimal clarity and retaining of information as well as managing the anxiety, fear and panic that so often occurs. There are remedies also to support the endurance and resilience needed by those who also may have exams and plans deferred until the Autumn.
  3. Seasonal Allergies: The pollen count along with the frequent strong winds has been very testing for hayfever sufferers too. Homeopathy can do a wonderful job in helping with the right remedies to match the individual’s symptoms. The hayfever programme I also offer usually turns around the annual recurrence of this very testing condition without the long-term damage and repeated use of antihistamines and steroid inhaler/nasal sprays prescribed.
  4. We have been through Mental Health Awareness month in May where it has been brought to light the plight of so many more people being tested in their suffering and management in this area of daily living. Homeopathy is used widely in this area and the very nature of a homeopathic appointment often enables a patient to “unpack” and “decipher” the details of their thoughts and symptoms without suppressing them with medication that may bring initial relief but will unlikely get to the roots of the problem where the real healing needs to reach. Homeopathic remedies can be used alongside current prescriptions so there never need be any concern that a sufferer would be taken off their current medication. However, because many patients using conventional medication are aware of side effects and often report of “just not feeling themselves”, homeopathic remedies can provide a more harmonious blend of relief and healing alongside in a less toxic and addictive way.

As I come to the end of my June thoughts, I am relieved to hear the weather is due to improve again and I wish you all well in your courage and endurance over the next few weeks ahead, whatever it may bring.

I am currently continuing my appointments virtually by video link or phone. I am also now part of the team at the Surrey and Hampshire Wellbeing clinic in Farnham.

With warm wishes

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