Festive and Frantic?…plus, find out more about your gut!

Well December has arrived and I chose this title accordingly! I cannot of course presume any of you to be in this frantic ‘mode’ but I can suspect perhaps a few of you are (and myself included) at times for sure! 

This note is to simply try and bring some calm and hope towards enabling you to use Homeopathy to its best in situations where you may feel overwhelmed, tired, apprehensive, not quite 100% healthwise with all the winter bugs going around, and possibly even a little fractious!


Homeopathy understands the concept of SUSCEPTIBLITY! We can consider ourselves  susceptible in many situations; we may have a disposition to a disease or recurrent or underlying illness, we may be living in inappropriate environments with damp, insufficient heating, with lack of safety or with insufficient funds. But there are also the less severe situations of susceptibility, when we are simply spreading our energy too thinly whether it be just physically or emotionally in more short term situations; our bodies are feeling the pull in some way, being made aware of the pressures, and start to give us warning signs! 

However, we may not find ourselves noticing enough with these ‘lesser’ symptoms when they first start to arrive… especially at times such as the build up to Christmas and other festive celebrations, and the end of year gatherings! 

Our immune system then gets challenged further and BANG! We go down! 

  • We succumb to the local bug going around
  • We have an emotional melt-down over something
  • We can no longer sleep thoroughly or we suffer a bout of exhaustion and overwhelm which too prevents us from keeping up with all the extras that have to be done alongside our normal routine in December

…we have become SUSCEPTIBLE!

However… thankfully again, Homeopathy understands this and with a collection of ‘symptoms’ and the application of knowledge from our Materia Medica, the right remedy can be prescribed and a balance can be brought back!



Of course, re-addressing an effective lifestyle plan or timetable to help us assess what is possible and how we can best go forwards at this busy time, is also part of the focus here… but because Homeopathy has a holistic approach, it automatically helps us tune in and link up both the physical and emotional effects we may be experiencing and re-strengthens our level of susceptibility. My patients are often surprised when they realise they make quick changes and improvements without having barely thought about it! …this is the MAGIC of homeopathy I so love!


At this time of year, I still have a few favourite remedies to suggest having to hand for some of the typical complaints which may come up:

Nux vomica – Stress with agitation, snappy mood and uncomfortable indigestion. Sometimes constipation or diarrhoea even. Can have headaches and nausea too. And not to mention the relief this remedy may bring for hangovers!

Oak – to help keep us grounded; when we have so much in our heads to remember and focus on other things that we forget our own needs. It keeps us strong and clear in our decision making and optimum awareness of all that needs dealing with.

Passiflora – for over-excitement and hyper-tension around the house! Great for the children especially on the night before Christmas… but equally as good for adults might I add!

Carbo-Veg – a wonderful digestive aid when there are variations to those that are helped by Nux Vomica! In dramatic times, this remedy is also known as ‘Corpse reviver!’ But typically, when the chips are down, there is huge discomfort in the gut and upper respiratory area and over-indulgence may have really triggered things, here is a lovely remedy to bring calm and comfort back. 

In simple terms, we often suggest this remedy to be gut and above whilst Nux Vomica tends to be gut and lower part of digestive tract!

Phosphorous is a lovely remedy for the over-stimulated/sensory type where the festive environment may just become too much… lights, noise, change in atmosphere, ventilation or smell even. Dreams and nightmares may feature quite a lot and sleep can be disturbed at a time when it is needed most, and bring in a thunder/lightening storm, the picture can be even more stressful. 

Ignatia – A wonderful soother to the great sensitivity around relationship and testing dynamics that can occur at festive family occasions! I often suggest Ignatia as if a much needed and reassuring, morale-boosting hug! It is a very heart and throat centred remedy so if you are having to bite your tongue and feel that lump in your throat coming… or even start a little choke, this may be of great help! It is also good to know of Ignatia’s huge support of grief… and often at these times in the year we very much feel the loss of someone no longer with us. So if you need some comfort or know of someone in need of comfort, this is a useful remedy to consider.

StaphysagriaAnother wonderful remedy that can save the day when strong angry emotions may need to be suppressed and fuses feel they are about to blow, but perhaps shouldn’t be allowed to spoil the day! This is also a great remedy at the start of a urine infection where there may have been a bit of frustration, anger or feeling of not being understood/heard! Rather than allow these feelings to remain inside and fester further, this lovely remedy helps them ease themselves out in very subtle ways!

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Over Indulgence is often somewhat predominant at this time of year and two of the remedies above are wonderful relievers.

However, many gut complaints are part of a larger picture and I have recently been involved in setting up a new Facebook group called: Homeopathy for Gut Health. I hope it is useful so please do take a look and join; it is a place where you can read and also ask questions. There is a lot of very good gut health support using a homeopathic approach and the remedies provide great results without the often harsh and long-term side effects of the typically prescribed relieving medication offered from the conventional medical practitioners.


I do hope that in all of this discussion of stress and ‘busyness’ at this time, we do manage to find some respite for ourselves! We can even get ourselves to reflect positively in what we have achieved throughout the year and start to consider our thoughts and hopes about the upcoming new year ahead?! 

Festive and Frantic?...plus, find out more about your gut! 1Journaling is a very powerful and therapeutic way of processing what we carry in our minds, particularly when we are carrying so much stuff and it needs detangling as well as off-loading!

Please also do feel free to take a look at my recommendation of a Conscious Breathing Exercise which I also mentioned in my recent newsletter. 

And the little trick I also like to remember at testing times: to take a slow, deep breath in and out and smile for no reason!

Over the Christmas period I will be taking some important time to rest myself and enjoy rare time with friends and family! I will be closed for the Christmas break from Monday 19th December – Monday 9th January 2023.

Please do not forget about the wonderful out of hours Homeopathic services that can support you should you need help during my absence:

  • Homeopathy247.com
  • Homeopathic Helpline (UK only) Telephone 09065 343404
    This is a BT regulated number which costs £1.53 per minute, plus network extras

For my current patients, I would like to thankyou for your time working with me this year.
For newcomers to my newsletters and not so regular patients, I would like to also wish you happiness and confidence in your health, and I look forward to working with you should the need arise.

Warmest Wishes,
Ali x

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