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WELCOME to leafy November, here in the UK! Are you feeling prepared!? My blogs are often aimed at gearing you up for ‘being prepared!’ In my understanding, this is a personal approach to life, as well as being in great flow with Homeopathic thinking!

Homeopathy is very dedicated to noticing and keeping an eye on any symptoms, or changes, in our mind/thinking and in our physical body. We are in a world where we so often rush around and do not really stop and consider what is actually going on for ourselves!

Considering things in a Homeopathic way really helps us become more aware and then able to be more pro-active about our health and life-style choices.

I want to dedicate this month’s blog to re-cap what Homeopathy is all about – it is particularly aimed at any newcomers!

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Homeopathy involves meeting with a Fully Qualified Homeopath for a consultation where there is time to talk and go through exactly what is going on. The appointments are therefore quite different and take longer than a typical doctor’s appt. 

An Initial Consultation can take up to 1 ½ hours where we go through a patient’s health history and many more important details about how they describe themselves in character and their physical state. We get to know each other in a professional and trusting way and base our eventual prescription on remedies that match the presenting complaints, with knowledge of what may also need to be worked with from a historical or genetic aspect. It is the detail we gather that can knit together a really thorough understanding of the patient’s picture and how we can best support them. I consider this aspect of the work to be detective like! But it is key in building up the complete picture in order that we can prescribe accordingly. A follow up appt is usually booked for 4-6 weeks later as it can take this time for the remedies to be doing their work.

A Follow-up consultation takes about 30-45 minutes where there will be lots of questions about how things are now compared to the initial appt and another prescription may be given. It is often that 2-3 follow up appts are needed to get to the root of what is going on and the remedies prescribed to do their bit! 

Some patients like to pre-book an appointment with me several times a year just to have the chance to talk about their health and welfare and use it as a  pro-active step in keeping themselves in optimal shape. This may include situations such as an exam period ahead, an important occasion or situation coming up that may be challenging, or even pre-operatively or post operatively. It may often be seasonal too; for example to prepare for the Winter ahead, or the Hayfever season. It also serves a patient well before, during and after pregnancy.

An Acute appt is usually just 15-20 minutes for something urgent and needing quick and simple prescribing. This can be for things such as a sore throat, flu bug, bone/muscle/tendon injury or advice on how to support immediate prescribing after an accident or trauma.

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These are prescribed usually in the form of little white pillules made of sucrose and water, with a tiny amount of the chosen remedy added in medicating potency. They are to be put in the mouth and left to dissolve naturally. They are often known as ‘Magic pills!’ Some remedies are given in drop form too and occasionally I prescribe liquid essences such as Australian Bush Flower drops, Bach Flower drops or Homeobotanicals drops. 

Since Homeopathy is an energy medicine, we try and encourage taking the remedies 20-30 mins away from food and drink other than water. We need the energy from the remedy to go straight into your system rather than, for example, the bits of food left in your mouth from eating.

Remedies are made from mainly natural substances which have been studied in detail and a ‘picture’ determined. Homeopathy works to the principal of ‘Like Cures Like’ which means you give in remedy form, a little bit of the picture of a patient’s complaint… and the energetic state will stir the body’s Vital Force to re-adjust and rebalance itself, thus kick-starting the body’s natural ability to self-heal. 

We are not used to this concept of the body self-healing and more used to taking over the counter or prescribed medication to do the job for us. This can appear helpful ‘in the moment’ but it does not usually get to the root cause of the problem and why it started in the first place! It therefore remains a temporary fix.

It can be quite hard to explain why homeopathy works but the results can be incredible… so it is lovely when newcomers for themselves see this when taking their prescriptions!

Homeopathy is non-toxic, has no side effects and is not addictive!

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Remedy Storage and Potencies

Remedies are best stored away from direct light and in an average to cool temperature. They also need to be kept away from strong smelling substances such as Menthol, toothpaste, Essential oils, Eucalyptus oil, perfume and strong spices. 

Remedies come in different potencies, for example 3x, 6x, 9x and 6c, 12c, 30c and 200c, 1M, 10M and higher. Potencies are prescribed according to the patient’s vital energy and symptoms, so it would be very rare that all members of one family coming for cold treatment, to go home with the same remedies and potencies! Again… this can be a mystery newcomers have to get their heads around when starting out with homeopathy!


The biggest area where Homeopathy comes into it’s own is regarding the Immune System!

By always encouraging the body to self-heal with its huge range of specific remedies for each individual case, the immune system is being supported and kept in good working order as much as possible.

Many medications today are suppressive and therefore harmful… Homeopathy sees the disadvantages of this: for example, if we take steroid creams for eczema, the eczema is likely only to go away temporarily – and with damage and disturbance to the healthy organs within the body from this very harmful medication. When there is suppression of health, we don’t see as many symptoms on the outside of the body (such as rashes, discharges, hair change, different sweating etc) yet there is disturbance going on within the body closer to our vital organs.

New to Homeopathy? This Blog is For You... 1HOMEOPATHY IS GREAT FOR USERS OF ANY AGE…and is wonderful with children. Here is a free downloadable PDF on keeping your children healthy this Winter. It can of course also apply to other seasons too and I hope you find it useful!  


Some of my personal recommendations for you…

  • I love patients to consider having a home kit with a small number of helpful basic remedies so over time, they can get the hang of using them for simple things such as splinters, colds, digestive issues, allergies and everyday first aid and illness.
    My favourite kit is the Ainsworths 42 Essential Remedy kit (available overseas too) and the booklet in there is wonderful!  

  • New to Homeopathy? This Blog is For You... 2Here are my favourite books to recommend to newcomers:
    Your Healthy Child With Homeopathy by Tricia Allen
    The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy by Colin Griffiths 

  • And finally, I would love you all to know and make use of this lovely Home Prescriber’s course which is put out by the college I trained at and is currently available as a free download:

When my practice is closed, you can get still get help!

Out-of-hours help can be found at:

  • Homeopathic Helpline (UK only) Telephone 09065 343404
    This is a BT regulated number which costs £1.53 per minute, plus network extras
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If you have never tried Homeopathy before or have some more questions, then I offer a Free 15-min enquiry call where I can help you understand how Homeopathy can help you! It really is such a versatile form of natural medicine, so it is rarely the case that it has no purpose in working with a health complaint… and I just love this about it!

Do not hesitate to get in touch and I wish you continued good health with Homeopathy!
Warmest Wishes,
Ali x

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