New Year… Are You Ready?

I would like to wish you all a Happy New year!

We’ve made it into 2023 and it was lovely to experience so much more ‘movement’ in the world, over the last few months of the year especially. In the UK, in my area, friends and I have been commenting on how much traffic there has been over the recent week between Christmas and New Year. Although this may be partially due to train strikes, it is also wonderful to notice how at last, for so many families and friends, that they have been able to see each other in person again during this holiday period, after a long while! This will be a valid part of our own health and healing as we come through the final stages of ‘Living with Covid’ since 2020.

As many of you may also feel, stepping out again comfortably has also been a big part of coming to terms with a pandemic.


Homeopathy can support us so much…

Our bodies can work beautifully when regularly ‘tuned’ and Homeopathy aids this process with its holistic approach and wonderful range of remedies which contribute to a natural
re-balancing. We simply forget that our bodies are designed to self-heal wherever possible!

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Many patients discover the benefit of seeing a homeopath proactively – perhaps every few weeks or every season, in support of keeping their health, to keep on top of this ‘tuning’ process… and this is a key difference in the Holistic approach to health that conventional medical practice tends not to focus on.

As we come out of a Pandemic, we need to keep our immune systems calm and boosted in order that we manage the many bugs around that we have kept ourselves away from, as well as Covid. 

Are you confident and prepared to treat a flu bug, cold bug or a stomach bug if it hits your home?… I am here to help if so, and it is also worth getting armed with your favourite helpful remedies in preparation, so when they hit, you can move through them as quickly and thoroughly as possible! 

Understanding what may be at the root cause of any problems we may be facing is always key and linking the effects of mental and physical health is so important. Having remedies that cover these combined aspects where necessary is so helpful. This is why I just love homeopathy!

New Year... Are You Ready? 2If you are looking for a lovely book to have at home, helping you understand how Homeopathy can help you, here are my two favourites: 
– Your Healthy Child With Homeopathy by Tricia Allen
– The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy by Colin Griffiths

The free Home Prescribing course is still available to download from my old college… it is such a great introduction and worth looking at before the offer ends:

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Starting a new year with a plan or some goals and objectives is a wonderful thing to do but it can be daunting!

As I mentioned last year, taking a ‘Baby Steps’ approach is really helpful to keep things achievable and not overwhelming. 

Creating a weekly timetable with what needs doing versus what you would like to do is also a helpful thing where the art of prioritising can be developed! 

Something key I have myself benefitted from doing during the past year is TICKING OFF my to-do list, not just writing it!

I talked a bit about managing overwhelm last year and the POSITIVE impact of simply taking a pause, a deep breathe and smiling for no reason… and by adding a quick assessment of what I HAD achieved so far that day, and actually ACKNOWLEDGING and CELEBRATING. It was wonderfully re-aligning and enough to give me the impetus to keep going and get through an otherwise potentially mind/body blocking sense of overwhelm… Again, I invite you to try it!

Sometimes it is worth simply creating a NEW list of all that you HAVE achieved so far that day and then re-assessing what else needs doing and perhaps lessening it to a more realistic order and length! 

As a practitioner, if I don’t keep my own needs in check, how can I serve others? I have to work at this a lot, so you are not alone if you find this a challenging exercise! 

Having a notepad or journal where all ideas and thoughts can be logged when they pop up in our heads means they are ready for reviewing and building into our routines, timetable and way of life.

…it also means they are in one place so are more likely to be easily found when needed

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The art of time out and reflection can also come through meditation and using a guided meditation tool can really help get this off the ground. There are many easily available options and the free app I would encourage you to take a look at is called Insight Timer:

I often refer to the benefits of breathwork and here again is a suggested exercise to be used regularly or in moments of overwhelm: The Art of Conscious Breathing

Please feel free to take this opportunity to have a look at my previous blogs where I like to pass on valuable tips and links to resources, and of course, do share them with friends and family if they may be of help.

I am leaving with you quite a blast of information which I hope is not too overwhelming!

If you would find it helpful, please view my How I Run My Practice Info for details about my working hours, how to make an appointment and out of hours services. 

I look forward to working with you all, as and when it may be needed, and I wish you well at the start of our new 2023!

Warmest Wishes,
Ali x

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