Finding The Light

I am delighted at the gradual longer days and the lovely bright blue skies we have been able to experience of late – let it continue is what I say! 

There is no doubt about it: lightness in our lives can make a huge difference! When it is not there naturally, lighting a candle can stir a little extra brightness towards us! We are already starting to see signs of Spring and bulbs peaking out of the ground. The flowers on the camellia bush are beginning to burst forth and there is a wonderful dryness to the leafy woodland where I walk our dog, rather than the boggy mud usually predominant at this time… so I am lapping up opportunity to get outside when I can and I do hope you are too. We talked about baby steps last month… and that is still all it needs to be – on some sort of rewarding and regular basis!


And here is another reminder about that other crucial calming and rejuvenating action I love to mention: Taking 3-5 deep breathes… for no reason, to perhaps shift an energy or to simply return to the present if one is feeling rather overwhelmed or stuck in unwanted thought! 

Caught in the act; at not tuning in!

Covid-19 is still very much around but it does seem that lesser sufferings are generally occurring in recent weeks. May it continue this way! I have just come through it myself and was very grateful for the Homeopathic remedies that glided me through the differing symptoms. My body really told me to stay put in bed for a full 10 days and on a couple of occasions when I took on an activity, my symptoms worsened again at considerable speed and my body was forced back to bed to rest and recover!… ‘Caught’ not tuning in!

As I often mention, homeopathic treatment harnesses our body’s ability to automatically ‘tune in’ and we can therefore usually make better decisions on our health and recovery coming through an illness using specific remedies rather than ‘suppressing’ our natural defense system with over the counter medication such as paracetamol.

A Virus can linger if not fully understood and the body not given optimum opportunity to fight it off as naturally as possible. Our immune systems are not to be reckoned with… they were designed to know what to do and we mustn’t let them lose that self-healing art!  Each body will require its own specific symptoms supported… so if homeopathic help is needed, there will be different remedies required by individuals from the same household, even if they are all presenting with Covid-19, for example! The remedies simply ‘nudge’ the body into its healing mode. Bryonia, eupatorium and Carbo Veg were significant remedies for me! 


If you are still suffering with Covid-19, flu-like or heavy cold or throat symptoms, do get in touch and I can steer you on your way back to good health. Rest will likely be the other key ingredient alongside the remedies as we know how rest is a key facilitator for healing. Now is the time to really re-boost our immune systems to glide through the remainder of the winter months and be ready for a good year ahead!

A patient was recently delighted when I mentioned trying Homeopathy for her ‘over 100 day cough’ – which she did… and it quickly went! Her family and work colleagues were also ecstatic as it really had become a longstanding frustration in daily life!

February is a time when some may start to sense some allergic reactions; eyes may become itchy, there may be a bit of sneezing or even shortness of breath/a tendency to wheeze. As the natural growth is starting around us, tree pollens and mould spores will be around and with a few windy days, may travel widely. Whilst we know it can bring quick relief, and is the usual treatment offered in conventional medicine, we also know the long-term damaging effects of steroid use in treating allergies and hayfever.

Homeopathy can support the body so safely and gently and does not cause imbalance to the skin, gut and endocrine system, which we need in tip top shape as much of the time as is possible as we maintain our immune health.  Hayfever and allergies can start as early as February for some candidates, so if any of the above mentioned symptoms are with you, do get in touch as we can work on it now before further aggravation occurs.

Here is wishing you all a fine and happy, healthy February!
Ali x

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