Hello 2022: Welcoming in the New Year…

Hello 2022…a mixture of baby steps and leaps! May I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope this finds you in good health and more rested than you were at the end of last year and the lead up to Christmas 2021!

Looking at and planning the New Year ahead is a good opportunity to set things up for a positive start, whatever 2022 may bring. However, we must not be daunted by thrusting ourselves into mammoth and possibly unrealistic situations! And I therefore recommend considering the thought of baby steps alongside the potential huge leaps that may initially stick out for you to try, in order to avoid quick overwhelm. Afterall, weather-wise, we are still in hibernation times!


We can always gain lessons from the year past and taking some time with a pad and paper to recall and note down our thoughts and conclusions is very therapeutic; it also gives us a ‘list’ that we can then sift through and prioritise in a careful order.

‘Baby steps thinking’ allows us to go at a sensible and realistic pace! Setting goals is important for our own self growth, confidence and distribution of energy… and if we find a block, there is cause to investigate it rather than ignore and ‘get stuck’. Perhaps some of the goals were unrealistic?


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Procrastination is a big one for many of us, whereby we get stuck in the thoughts of what needs to be done before we have even started! I love the book: Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, for helping avoid overwhelm and keep us meeting achievable goals in a confident way!

A reminder to make regular time for ourselves and the actions we may set is also key… starting the year with formulating a simple weekly timetable could be a very helpful step to take that we can familiarise ourselves with on a daily basis and match up with our diaries to keep it relevant and effective.


From a homeopathic viewpoint, it is the same with our bodies both mentally and physically. We need to understand what is realistic to us in order to achieve and maintain good health and our body’s symptoms are our ‘guiders’; they are likely to present themselves in many different ways if we are not perhaps tuning in with ourselves enough!

A patient may come to me with a specific skin eruption or regular headaches; but when working through things in a Homeopathic consultation, we may find an imbalance is showing in other areas. This could be anything from a current stress, to something in the diet, an environmental factor, be it physical or emotional… and discussing these other ‘parts’ of the symptom together, can lead to successfully matching a remedy/remedies to the picture. A successful outcome could then be achieved as the body comes back into balance in treating the headache and improving the skin.

Our bodies can work beautifully when regularly ‘tuned’ and Homeopathy aids this natural balancing process. We simply forget that our bodies are designed to self-heal wherever possible! 

Many patients discover the benefit of seeing a homeopath proactively – perhaps every few weeks or every season, in support of keeping their health, to keep on top of this ‘tuning’ process… and this is a key difference in the Holistic approach to health that alternative/complementary medicine recognises.

With the two years of living with a Pandemic, we may be more susceptible to a lower immune system as our nervous systems have been often overtaxed, fear over our health has been dominant for many to an unnatural level and we have not been immersing in mixed social groups as we usually would have. Being proactive in maintaining balance in our health can be a real boost and a good way to help us safely through 2022!

You are very welcome to give me a call on 07810533528 or book in via my website www.horsleyhomeopathy.co.uk if you would like to pro-actively set up some ‘maintenance’ appointments for the year ahead. You can also send me an email if you would like any further info at .

With all good wishes.

Ali x

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