Is it Hayfever?

Welcome to March!  Spring is arriving and it is a relief to be on the other side of those strong winds. I do hope this finds you safe and well, and without too much damage.

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This month I am going to bring awareness as to how Homeopathy can help with HAYFEVER.  Perhaps surprisingly to you, many people are already suffering this year as pollen is emerging and the seasonal wind is blowing it around, along with dust and mould spores which can also be huge aggrivants. Don’t suffer unnecessarily! Get in touch…

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Homeopathy can help you!



Hayfever is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen from grasses, trees and other plants. Contact with these pollens causes a release of the naturally occurring hormone Histamine, typically resulting in symptoms such as runny or blocked noses and itchy, watery eyes. It affects approximately 16 million people in the UK and is continuing to rise; according to Black’s Medical Dictionary in 2006 it was just 3 million!
We know there are more pollutants in the air today but we have to ask ourselves; is conventional Hayfever treatment working?

Hayfever is also known as Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis.
Rhinitis is the medical term describing inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the nostrils and becomes Allergic Rhinitis when there is allergy to pollen, dust and other airborne particles that typically get breathed in through the nose. 

Allergic reactions begin in your immune system. When a harmless substance such as dust, mold, or pollen is encountered by a person who is allergic to that substance, the immune system may over react by producing antibodies that ‘attack’ the allergen.


Hayfever may not just occur in the summer when the hay is being harvested; sufferers often start in early february when the pollens start showing their presence!

  • Is it Hayfever? 2Eyes and skin around the nose may become sore from excoriating discharge, watery or thick.
  • Some sufferers may become self conscious of this… Hayfever can affect emotional and physical health.
  • Ears may also become blocked and or itchy.
  • The throat and patches on the skin may become itchy. 
  • There may be photosensitivity with the eyes.
  • Sleep may be disturbed from nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing especially when laying flat; wheezing may also aggravate.
  • Due to the histamine production and sleep disturbance there may be poor concentration and excessive tiredness… this is likely to cause low mood and change in temperament.

Working and carrying out daily activities may be severely compromised… IT’S NO FUN FOR THE MORE SERIOUS SUFFERERS 🙁


Patients are usually prescribed Antihistamines, mostly also available at pharmacies. Steroids may be necessary if there is not sufficient relief from the antihistamines. Nasal sprays with steroids and preservatives are also available.

These medications can be helpful and may bring relief but they will not necessarily stop the hayfever from returning the next year… and the year after that…

Prescriptions are likely to be repeated and the body’s natural healing mechanisms have been ‘suppressed’ – i.e. the Histamine the body produces with allergic reactions is made to go away by using Antihistamine… and yet it came forth originally in the form of symptoms, as a direct messenger that something is out of balance and ‘not right’ in the body’s immune system.

The steroids and antihistamines can prevent thorough healing where it was actually needed. Instead they have just stopped the ‘expression’ in its tracks and ignored the need to look at the deep cause of reaction to the pollen and other allergens from an imbalanced immune system. A vicious circle can begin; steroids and antihistamines are not made to be taken long term, yet there is very variable information given about this when prescribed, and there are consequential side effects if this is ignored. 

We may not be aware of the side effects until a few years down the line therefore, or we may develop other symptoms which are not linked as being side effects, so again, the root cause of the problems are not necessarily addressed satisfactorily!

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Homeopathy understands the immune system well and can therefore tackle Hayfever well! By looking at the patient’s whole picture, physical, emotional and spiritual, we can understand where the body is out of balance and perhaps more to the point, WHY!

We have specific remedy types  known as ‘Miasms’ which can address the inherited picture of the illness (Allergies often come down a family line) and will work towards lessening and lessening the patients symptoms until they may no longer return. 

We have remedies that will match the symptoms of each individual patient so that they only take what they need and not a ‘blanket’ prescription.

The patient is given long appointment times to really understand how the patient is feeling and what is changing for them. Stress and lifestyle are often a big factor in a weak immune system and a holistic approach does not just mean prescribing medication; we can explore other natural and supportive approaches alongside the remedies in order to achieve as thorough a recovery as possible.

Is it Hayfever? 4If you have been taking anti-histamine or steroid treatment for a long time and are concerned for the effects they may have had on your body, homeopathy is also very helpful in de-toxing wherever possible in a very gentle and supportive way and an appointment will help unravel how this can be done specifically in each case. Please do enquire.

Homeopathy is in it for the long term healing! It’s about getting our body to come back into balance and heal itself, just as it was designed to do!

Is it Hayfever? 5And to end on another little homeopathic gem; did you know that one of the key Hayfever remedies is called Allium Cepa; from the onion family. And guess what symptoms it treats best in Hayfever?… runny nose and eyes, as if from peeling and chopping an onion! I always think this remedy is one of the best for describing the great Homeopathic philosophy of ‘Like Cures Like’ – whereby the chosen remedy gives the patient a bit of what they are suffering with in order to nudge the body back into balance and the symptoms disappear, otherwise known as Homeostasis! 

I hope you have a lovely month.
 Ali x

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