Happy, Healthy Children

We’re now probably finding ourselves settling into an Autumn routine! Nurseries, Schools, Universities and clubs are back, work routines are established and even the change of season storms have arrived! Infact, there was a debate in our house last night as to whether or not we would manage to keep the heating turned off until October!

So… with this all going on, HOW ARE WE ALL DOING?

Routines and structure are generally good to keep us ticking along nicely, especially when we need distraction from challenging times. But TUNING IN TO OURSELVES and pausing, to ensure our structures and routines are actually working for us, is important to continue bringing out the best in ourselves.

Happy, Healthy Children 1A happy body, a happy mind!… and its all about keeping that balance, because this aspect is a huge contributor to keeping a strong immune system. We are so lucky to have Homeopathy to help do exactly this with its automatic holistic approach.

There is talk there may be a lot of flu cases this Winter, on top of the pandemic, so I fully encourage you all to continue to support yourselves as much as you can, both mentally and physically in the weeks ahead. Please refer to previous blogs if you are looking for some extra tips. Empowering ourselves in being prepared can bring down the fear and anxiety that may be present in many of us, and thus leave us less susceptible.

Our immune systems are hugely boosted when we are content and in balance!


This month I wanted to focus on the children a bit more! How are they doing?

Children are notoriously resilient and sometimes because of this factor, they move us through situations that we may otherwise avoid! But to keep them in optimal health and happiness, we do need to tune in with them too!

Starting back at nursery or school can be a lot for many children and Half Term is often an opportune time to simply help them ‘off the conveyor belt’ for a few days, and provide times of rest and complete spontaneity. It is also a great time for parents to notice them wind down a bit… and it’s a great time to boost their immune systems with a combination of good diet, fun, relaxation, nurturing and less pressure from their surrounding environment.

Homeopathy offers ‘constitutional’ treatment particularly well with children, thus supporting the immune system to its maximum wherever possible.


Putting the appropriate fuel in the petrol tank of a car enables each car to drive to its best level (…all rather sensitive at the moment with the English folk experiencing a fuel scarcity due to lack of enough delivery drivers!). When a child is treated with a constitutional remedy, their totality, or ‘whole’ person is covered. We can then bring in other remedies if necessary to treat specific acute ailments (ie Arnica for bruising after a fall) or complaints that need some extra therapeutic support (ie Thuja for verrucae or warts).

Children’s behavior is a clear indication when they are out of sorts and there are some fantastic constitutional remedies which match so many of these typical characteristics such as anger and rage, clinginess, shyness, anxiety, fear, hyperactivity, changeability in mood, bad dreams or nightmares… and physical symptoms too, such as diarrhea or constipation, skin rashes, tummy ache, headache, exhaustion.

Happy, Healthy Children 2There is nothing better than to watch a remedy successfully at work with an ‘out of sorts’ child, and knowing there are no chemicals going into their bodies, and no side effects!

To share my passion more, I am offering two short and informal talks on ‘Keeping your Child Healthy this Winter… Naturally’ on Tuesday 19th October, which you are welcome to book in to. You can book via the following link, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: https://horsleyhomeopathy.co.uk/booking/

Happy, Healthy Children 3

Please also remember how successful Homeopathy is in treating viral infections, the ‘Flu, and also pandemics – so if you suffer with any Covid Symptoms or feel ‘Flu coming on, do get in touch for a Quick/Acute appointment.

Warm Wishes,
Ali x

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