Hormones… Getting to Understand Them.

Hormones... Getting to Understand Them. 1Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well and settling into cooler temperatures and possible inclination to start hibernating a bit as the dark arrives earlier now! To focus on making your home a heartwarming, cosy nest is important and also to make use of as many layers as you need to, to get out for a burst of fresh air daily at some point if you can – particularly when the sun is offering its welcoming rays and brightness. Both these recommendations will help strengthen your immune system as we now know about the link between calm mind and a healthy body!

My wish is that you all follow your inner gut feeling about this and continue to be as gentle on yourselves as you need as Winter approaches, in order to sail through the next few months.

This month I am also focusing on Hormone Health.

This is a very large topic so I will raise some points briefly. It is good for people of any age to become aware of this, both in themselves and also within their friends and family network, because our mental and physical states are often affected when there is hormonal imbalance.

Homeopathy is all about balancing! And it is so good to know there is wonderful help from a wide range of specific remedies for the ‘Endocrine System’, as it is also known, that support naturally and without side effects.

Hormones... Getting to Understand Them. 2

Our Endocrine system is made up of an incredible network of glands, positioned around the body, which secrete messenger hormones to specific destinations via the blood. It is linked up closely to the body clock, and due to the complexity of its role in initiating vital processes through its intricate messaging service, there is rather a lot that can go wrong… which then needs clear identification and correcting – even our sleep can become disturbed and we don’t want that, do we?

Chemical hormone support is therefore used widely in conventional medicine such as steroids, adrenal support, contraceptive, fertility and hormone therapy, thyroid medication, diabetic and blood sugar balancing medication, anxiety and depression medication. It can bring great relief, but it can also bring frustrating imbalances elsewhere and longterm side-effects. And this is where Homeopathy can support so well… it has it’s automatic ‘harmonizing’ ability that can work alongside these harsher medications suitably.

It can even work with your other organs, such as kidneys and liver, which may be over worked or affected by the above medication. As we learn about how our bodies are working and what exactly is happening, in a homeopathic appt, we can also feel more empowered to tune into our bodies and understand exactly what symptoms we are experiencing before and during any form of treatment, whether the improvement is enough and whether the side effects of some medications may outweigh the job they were brought in to do. Conversations then can be had with the consultants or medical advisors before continuing on and in the meantime, homeopathic remedies can at least ‘support’ or ‘hold the fort’ in some way, if not encourage great improvement from simply naturally balancing. There is a myth that Homeopathy and conventional medicine cannot be used together but this is not true.

The area which is most common in my practice when it comes to working with the Endocrine system is that of Women’s Health, where I see patients who have ‘never felt quite as well’ since taking hormone support for contraception, fertility, menstrual and HRT treatments.

Reactions or side effects may have been both very strong or mild, in physical and mental symptoms, and the work of the thyroid gland has often been disturbed. Menstrual symptoms and Thyroid complaints are often linked. With careful work on each case individually, improvement can be brought about, using natural remedies to re-balance the hormones WITHOUT side effects.

Hormones... Getting to Understand Them. 3Because Homeopathic treatment is very thorough at linking all aspects of the Hormone system, it may take a little longer BUT a far more thorough and individualized approach for each case. I often recommend up to 3 appointments initially. It may often be the case too, that some functional testing may be suggested via the GP or privately, that will give clear measurements to work with and watch improvements by their results if repeated.

If you think your hormones are out of balance, please do enquire. If you notice someone suffering with their mental health, particularly around their menstrual cycle or starting a new chemical contraceptive method, it may be helpful to consider an out of balance hormonal system that needs attention.

Homeopathy is very supportive during the peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause times where everyday life can become quite challenging if the balance is out.

Hormones... Getting to Understand Them. 4Stress is also a big individual driver of hormone imbalance and again, it may simply show by a change in menstrual patterns. Do not just ‘live with it’ if it does not benefit you! Observing your symptoms is the first thing to do and then reach out if they do not improve! We need to be looking after ourselves and keeping our hormones in balance wherever possible, and Homeopathy can be your magical, trustworthy friend!

I look forward to hearing from you should you have any questions or would like to book an appointment: www.horsleyhomeopathy.co.uk for all contact details.

With love
Ali x

Ali Lomax

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