Self-Acknowledgement September

Hello to you all and to the month of September! Here is to tuning in to just where we are at again… Acknowledging Ourselves, Understanding ‘Maintaining Causes’ and Inviting Structure into our day, are the areas I am touching on this month.


I find self-acknowledgment is an important aspect to come back to in my monthly blogs; with a homeopathic approach to health, we always need to ‘come back to ourselves’. Our bodies are forever beavering away, endeavoring to keep us in balance (AKA: ‘Homeostasis’) and presenting us with symptoms when we are not!

These symptoms are for us to notice and acknowledge, in order that we may be able to figure out what could be going on within our bodies and, more to the point, why.

Homeopathy provides the opportunity for us to understand ourselves and how our bodies work, on a broader individual basis, because by observing our bodies, we get to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ what is really going on. Too often, we don’t pay enough attention and ignore the early signs, only to be reminded a bit later by more severe symptoms. And we forget that our bodies can self-heal when we give them the opportunity!

Self-Acknowledgement September 1At the moment, in particular, it is important that we really tune in and nurture our immune system, so it is strong enough to tackle a virus effectively through the Autumn and Winter months ahead.


An analogy I would like to use is that of getting sunburnt; having been out in the sun for too long and without protection, we may be feeling the heat and discomfort on our skin, and can also, later, see the redness – possibly with blisters too. We may be feeling nauseous, shivery and disorientated, or in a lot of pain. This is a pretty clear sign of sunburn and sunstroke! Having noticed, at the point of true suffering, our next likely thought process may be making the choice to respond to the symptoms, by keeping out of the sun and perhaps, taking further action to enable necessary healing with remedies, lotion and oral hydration. We may also consider the protection necessary for our next sun exposure, owing to the discomfort we now find ourselves in.

This ‘preparation’ is key with homeopathy; we get to understand the needs of both our body and mind, and develop more respect of how to look after ourselves, and therefore, do a far better job in establishing and maintaining good health!


Although I talk about preventative work here, it is NEVER too late to use homeopathy. And as this system of natural medicine is all about getting us back into balance, it naturally also works towards getting to the root cause. Very often, we simply benefit from a remedy that helps us relax and ground ourselves a bit… and many other things then fall into place. 


An example I can give of this myself is suffering with a knee injury recently, resulting in me needing to literally stop and take my feet off the ground… and of course, while the remedies worked on the physical ailments, I simply had to stop and rest which also promoted healing. I recovered but ignored the fact that I needed more rest, and a few weeks later, I turned my ankle badly… there I was, back with foot up, being ‘grounded’ again. I am now aware enough that I need to set my pace slower for the time being, and when the ankle has truly healed, it will be a sign to contemplate how I will resume my daily living in order not to aggravate a weak ankle again.

If we don’t change what we need to when the signs come up, we cannot expect the improvement and full healing our bodies are desiring, when trying to maintain homeostasis. And here, I can say I have introduced the concept of Maintaining Causes, which we pay great attention to in Homeopathy.

If we try to continue in life without removing the ‘road blocks’, we get to see how impossible it can be. If we do not ever consider WHY we may be unwell or suffering with regular aggravating symptoms, we are likely to miss good opportunities to recover to our optimal state of health.

Self-Acknowledgement September 2A very basic example is liver and gut health when a poor diet with high levels of alcohol is consumed; first there may be headaches, then there may be weight gain, skin symptoms and bowel or gastric complaints are likely to follow. One thing leads to another and via the conventional medical prescribing, there may be several medications prescribed or purchased off the pharmacy shelf. These may bring about improvement initially, but they do not reach right into the cause. In this example, the ‘Maintaining Cause’ is poor diet and excessive alcohol consumption. The problems therefore only continue, but often on a deeper level until there is then a chronic state of health. The medication may also be aggravating the body systems further too, as the substances used are not usually natural, and therefore, give the body quite a job to protect itself from toxicity – particularly in the liver which was likely to be suffering in the first place!

Homeopathy works successfully at breaking that cycle of deteriorating health, because the remedies are natural and so gentle, working holistically on body and in mind.

Again, simply put, if someone is suffering with the above complaints because of their over-indulgence due to lack of self esteem, then the self-esteem would of course need considering and working with. Whilst conventional medication does not at this stage usually tackle the mental and emotional states, Homeopathy does, and prescriptions will be effectively given with remedies that tackle the whole patient picture. This would then enable him/her to get to the root cause and work on it supportively.


And Finally… About STRUCTURE:

Managing ourselves and our needs can be tricky sometimes, but with acknowledgement of what we DO need, and awareness of what we DON’T need, it is more achievable. During the last 19 months, we have been very challenged in many ways, and if we thought we handled it without difficulty, it may be that only now, we are starting to become aware of the strain it has in fact put on us. Those who already struggled with anxiety have had SO much more to deal with than normal, and those without may have begun to experience it for the first time. It may have played out in very unexpected ways – I have discussed the topic of fragility in previous blogs, and there are some wonderful remedies to support us in coping, and continuing, our journey through this testing time.

Homeopathic appointments give the time to discuss all aspects of health, and I have incorporated understanding the benefits of having structure, wherever possible, during these challenging and fragile times. I work with clients to help find some routine and format to their day and week ahead if needed. I find myself continuing to prescribe grounding remedies more than ever before.


Exhaustion, fear and anxiety seem to be the main ways in which we are noticing that we have been more affected during the pandemic, and having a simple plan of what our needs are and how we are going to meet them each day, wherever possible, is important. However, physical complaints such as indigestion, skin or headaches may also present themselves as a response to these times.

Self-Acknowledgement September 3I personally have chosen to take the approach of ‘less is more’…I plan less and allow more time when I can, to avoid the overwhelming exhaustive moments that I noticed were increasing. Structure to include some calm breathing, mindfulness/meditation and incorporating some thing definite that is likely to bring you joy each day is important.  

The key thing is not to feel alone or ‘stuck’. I am here to help if you would like support in maintaining good health mentally, emotionally and physically. You can book in or get in touch with any questions via my website:

I wish you all well and a sense of being able to move forward with a little more ease through September.

Ali x

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