A Simple Christmas…

Hello and festive wishes to all, as we come into the frostiness of Winter and feel the end of another year almost upon us. My hopes are that you are well, warm and finding moments in the hustle and bustle of this time, to take stock, breathe and re-balance your thoughts if needed! I would also invite you to acknowledge yourselves for getting through another year of the Covid 19 Pandemic with all its exhausting complexities.

I wanted to touch on SIMPLICITY.  

Many of us, yet again, may be having a very different festive time this Christmas, with less of many things – be it company, food, social arrangements or celebratory activities…

However, if we can manage our minds more than anything with the potential disappointment and further adaptation and emotional as well as physical juggling of plans, we may be able to somehow settle better into a time of simplicity and relaxation during the festive holiday ahead.


The concept of LESS IS MORE may be a helpful theme to work with…

There may be a little more time to notice, settle and likely appreciate more the experiences and opportunities we WILL have; this may allow us to wind down and restore our nervous systems that have been so overworked during the last 23 months of living in the Covid 19 Pandemic.

And Breathe…Taking some time to do some deep breaths, right down into the belly, will offer you some beneficial moments of calm. And of course, taking an Epsom Salt bath continues to be one of my ongoing recommendations (1 large mugfull in a bath, soaking for 15-20 mins max!) 

Grounding ourselves comes with these moments of still and quiet where we process our emotions and can tune into how our bodies are feeling, taking note of any changes, differences or ‘symptoms’ as we know them in Homeopathic terms. I love the remedy Oak for grounding!

Homeopathy uses this theme of Simplicity in the way it allows and observes the body to heal naturally with the minimum dose of natural remedies, and therefore the minimum of distraction. Remedy prescriptions simply nudge the body back into homeostasis where it can then get on with its work of gentle and effective healing.

There are some fabulous Homeopathic remedies for supporting the emotional turmoil that we may experience over the next few weeks – so do get in touch if you are in need of a little help.


I will remind you again of my favourite ‘Christmas Remedies’ I mentioned last December which you can see here: https://horsleyhomeopathy.co.uk/blog/remedies-for-christmas/

I am also loving this Esssential anti-viral/antibacterial airspray in my practice, home and sometimes when out and about: https://uk.puressentiel.com/products/purifying-air-spray.

My Practice will be closed between Monday 20th December and Tuesday 4th January 2022.
If you need Homeopathic advice during this time,there is support from the Homeopathic Hotline which is open virtually all day/night on: 09065 343404. Calls cost approx. £1.53/minute.

May you go well this Christmas and may 2022 arrive with Winter splendour and a topped up tank of energy and good health!

Ali x

Ali Lomax

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