Homeopathy Awareness Week

This week (10th-17th April) we are celebrating Homeopathy around the world with Homeopathy Awareness Week. 

Homeopathy has been going for nearly 300 years and the Homeopathic pharmacies continue to report to be busier than ever! Click here for some accurate facts and figures from the wonderful Homeopathic Research Institute: https://www.hri-research.org/resources/essentialevidence/use-of-homeopathy-across-the-world/ 

Did you know about the Founder of Homeopathy? 

He was a very clever German Physician called Samuel Hahnemann (10th April 1755 – 2nd July 1843), whose life-span very much demonstrated maintenance of good health with him using this natural system of medicine, reaching the great age of 88 years in those days! 

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Did you know the Royal Family have used Homeopathy for years? Queen Elizabeth and the late Prince Philip’s health and longevity can be described as remarkable and the Queen is known to always travel with her brown leather case of over 200 remedies! In 2019 Prince Charles became Patron of the UK’s Faculty of Homeopathy. 

Hahnemann noticed the lack of improvement in patients with chronic illness, despite hospital and specialist treatment of the times. He also realised the use of harmful substances such as mercury in medication and also the longterm effects of proceedures like blood-letting used on very ill patients where their systems were only weakened further and the chances of healing substantially lessened. He questioned the regular cause of death being toxicity and weakness rather than the illness originally diagnosed. He was appalled at the high death rates considering the body’s natural ability to self-heal with the right care and attention. 

Homeopathy Awareness Week 2His famous book ‘The Organon’ was written to describe the precise guidelines to the Art and science of Homeopathy. Principles of Self-care and wise and healthy lifestyle choices were key in his understanding which he demonstrated in ‘Aphorisms’ throughout the book.  

Times have changed a lot but when we really look at the structure and development of our bodies, his words and understandings are still very relevant today. 


Having seen the adverse effects of Quinine on healthy people, Hahnemann’s well known and ground-breaking experiment followed by making a remedy from the bark of the Peruvian Cinchona tree (where Quinine is derived from) which, when prescribed to malaria patients improved their symptomshence his Law Of Similars applied stating ‘Like cures Like’. This was his first ‘proving’ of a remedy we know now as China Officinalis. 

During the week, I will be posting on my social media pages some interesting Homeopathic nuggets of information each dayI do hope you have fun discovering and reading them! 

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn by searching for Homeopathy with Ali Lomax.

Another exciting piece of celebratory information is that there is free access again during this week only to the wonderful Home Prescriber’s Course from CHE, the college where I trained. Click here for access… and enjoy! https://www.cheonline.co.uk/the-home-prescriber-course


Spring seems to have truly sprung! And with the hour change we can now embrace the lengthened daylight hours and enjoy the increase in colour in our natural surroundings. School Holidays are arriving and some time off work around the Easter Weekend will no doubt be welcomed. I thoroughly enjoyed spying some lambs recently and look forward to seeing the local woodlands full of bluebells in the coming days. 

For those celebrating Easter, I wish you a very Happy Easter. 

For those perhaps feeling adverse effects of over-indulging in chocolate Easter Eggs and celebratory food and drink, don’t forget to consider Nux Vomica 30c as a digestive aid!  

With warm wishes, 
Ali x

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