How is your GUT HEALTH?… Getting to understand and know about it for ourselves!

There is a lot of mention of Gut Health these days and it is something that has been known about for years, yet not really talked about and understood enough.

Gut Health can be quite a private business… especially when it comes to discussing what we pass out of our guts, and this is no doubt part of the reason!

Do not be bashful I say!

It is a time to get to know what our guts are doing and therefore, what our body is telling us!

Our gut is also known as GI Tract… or Gastrointestinal tract. It runs down the oesophagus from the bottom of our throat (larynx) to the very end of our rectum (the anus). There is a lot of meterage in the amount of tubing involved and it connects up to some vital ‘solid’ organs along the way. These include the liver, pancreas and gall bladder, before resuming it’s journey via the ‘hollow’ organs of the stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus.

How is your GUT HEALTH?... Getting to understand and know about it for ourselves! 1

The gut is linked to the brain. The inner linings are almost identical. It is now understood the lining of the gut to be an Enteric Nervous system and is able to send signals to the Central Nervous system, thus identifying even the cause of mood change just from gut disharmony!

We have typically referred to this throughout our lives in our own descriptive words: I can feel it in my gut, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach, I get butterflies in my tummy when…

One of our typical reactions to anxiety, stress or upset may be having loose stools… or the opposite, when we try to ‘hold on’ to something.

Gut health has a huge amount to do with maintaining a healthy immune system and with the recent two years where there has been a lot of anxiety, we may be able to notice some health changes… often stemming from anxiety being held in our gut.

How is your GUT HEALTH?... Getting to understand and know about it for ourselves! 2If we can stop and take a calm breath or two in those moments when we are not feeling so good in our guts, then we are likely to be able to embark on a healing journey… IF we ‘tune in’ as to what we are feeling where, what any other symptoms are and acknowledge what else is going on for us? It may be the gut triggers the emotions experienced… and it may also be that the emotions trigger the gut. Ignoring these key factors at this point may not be the best decision.

Homeopathy can help… very well indeed actually!

In its holistic way, Homeopathy always gets this important link, and remedies that help work on the gut will likely be working on the relevant emotional part of the picture too! This is why there is a more permanent solution to the problem when using homeopathy compared to taking an over the counter or prescribed conventional medication. These will just cover only the physical symptoms and in a very general way, which is also likely not to necessarily match each patient’s full picture of gut complaint OR be anything other than a temporary fix.

We even have an amazing set of remedies called Bowel Nosodes which particularly help with the rebalancing of the vital ‘flora and fauna’ or ‘microbiome’ of the gut!

How is your GUT HEALTH?... Getting to understand and know about it for ourselves! 3
Homeopathy is delicate, and therefore works sensitively, with a complex digestive system that is usually suffering and in a sensitive state at the point when the patient comes for an appointment. Being non-toxic and natural, it brings nothing further into the system. The body was designed to self-heal and Homeopathy helps it to remember this and provides the required ‘nudges’ from the best chosen remedies for each individual patient.
  • Have you been dealing with your gut symptoms for a long time?
  • Has anything you have tried worked effectively?
  • Is it time to try some Homeopathic support?

Do get in touch to find out more! I’m here to help you.

There is also a great Facebook group that you can join called ‘Homeopathy for Gut Health.’ I am one of the admins along with some other professional Homeopaths and you can ask all your questions you have and we will help you with our expertise knowledge. Here is the link to join the group:

With warm wishes, 
Ali x

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