MOVING into the New Year!

Well a big hello to everyone reading my first blog into the New Year of 2024!

I hope you have found a quiet spot to be able to nestle down and soak up the homeopathic recommendations that follow 🙂

There is always a lot of buzz in the air following this festive season we are just coming out of… new ideas and plans to put in place; goals to set and accomplish and thoughts on exercise and health are very apparent as we may have over-indulged and let go of our familiar previous eating and exercise routines… yet are you often still feeling too ‘stuck’ to go with it?

The theme MOVEMENT comes to mind here… we need unsticking and a fluidity in both our bodies and minds… and so here we are: Homeopathy can help! 

The key thing for me to encourage you to consider in any MOVEMENT is to START OUT GENTLY… don’t be hard on yourself so that you then feel you are failing! Back to my regular motto:
Make change using a BABY STEPS approach

MOVING into the New Year! 1


Rigidity of mind and thoughts… do you find it hard to look at your ideas from a different light, or change an idea or plan at the last minute? Even trying new and unfamiliar things when we know it might be the best thing to do?

Brain fog… is there too much going around in your heads to be able to focus or come out of a feeling of total overwhelm! That ‘where do I start’ feeling? 

Forgetfulness… are you trying to start new routines and habits become too difficult when we struggle to remember the details of the new thought patterns or approaches to getting back into full fettle after a break… especially in the Winter, which is naturally more of a hibernating time still?


Stiffness or tightness of muscles… does this make it too hard to get going or keep going during exercise, even walking?

Cramping… are you suffering with this before, during or after movement?

Issues with balance? Are you feeling too unstable to undertake regular movement/exercises?

Breathlessness or irregular heartbeat and pain in chest? Is this occurring and not easing or leaving you at least fearful that it won’t stop and you had better not carry on?

Overheating… are you getting too hot and sweaty so that it makes continuing with exercise too uncomfortable?

Jolting or jarring… does this kind of exercise worsen you? Running, jumping, skipping or something with a repetitive ‘thud’ can for some, leaving their limbs or lower back quite painful.

These are all things that pop up for many of us when getting started again… and no surprise, therefore, that we often stop!!

PREPARATION and THOUGHT about what might suit you is therefore key at the start… so you can find something you can build up to carefully and safely and avoid some of the above complaints… both mentally and physically.

MOVING into the New Year! 2

I would always suggest that starting off with some gentle breathing exercises where you open your chest and allow your muscles to relax and then oxygenate and strengthen is important.
A warm up routine is wonderful, and coming with a calm relaxed mind as much as possible at the start will also make a huge difference.

SET YOURSELF UP to WIN not FAIL or if that sounds too competitive, TO TRY rather than NOT TRY

But… Homeopathy can come to the rescue too, if needed!

Homeopathy is here to help you work through life WELL and NATURALLY, so do consider which remedy may suit you before reaching out for the painkillers or anti-inflammatory chemical medication. After all, using an over the counter medication like these will only act in a very temporary way and will give your organs quite a challenge in the meantime! …and beware – they can also be addictive.

Homeopathy makes great headway in getting your body to use it’s own healing mechanisms that it was created with, so no side effects or toxicity or addiction risks!! If things are a little ‘rusty’ within our healing, then the remedies simply ‘nudge’ the appropriate systems back into action where necessary.

Some immediate ‘go to’ lovely remedies for calming the mind and taking away the anticipation, fear of failure and rigidity in thought are: 

Arg Nit | Calc Carb | Kali Carb | Causticum | Nat Mur

Some immediate ‘go to’ lovely remedies for some of the more common physical complaints are:

Arnica |
Rhus Tox | Ruta | Magnesium Phos | China | Bryonia

MOVING into the New Year! 3

There are some wonderful books with information on these remedies which I often mention; a favourite being ‘The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy by Colin Griffiths’... or you may find your own Materia Medica to browse. You might even find other remedies that match your symptoms yourself while browsing!

KEYNOTE: Each remedy has it’s own individual ‘picture’ and is chosen to match each patient individually.

As with Cold remedies, if a family came to me, all suffering with a cold, they would all probably go home with different remedies. Homeopathy automatically offers a very tailor-made approach to your health 🙂 

I’m here to help you find the best homeopathic approach.

MOVING into the New Year! 4I also use Tissue Salts a lot in my Practice… also known as BioChemical Cell Salts, or Cell Salts. And if you would like to know more about these, you are welcome to join a FREE WEBINAR I am running with a group of colleagues from our Facebook ‘Homeopathy for Gut Health’ Group – you are very welcome to join the group… Homeopathy is wonderful for the Gut.

I’m back in my practice room and very much look forward to working with you during the next year ahead – and hope that 2024 brings you as much of the joy and good health that you would like.

Take care and warm wishes,

Ali x

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