Being Prepared for Christmas

We have nearly got ourselves through another year, and as usual, many of us are beginning to feel overwhelmed with the planning ahead and actions that need to be carried out for Christmas. So, let’s see if we can get prepared in the Homeopathy department too!

Now is a good time to consider having a remedy kit at home, and if you have one already, to ensure it is fully stocked. 

My favourite kit is the Ainsworths 42 Essential Remedy kit (available overseas too) and the booklet in there is wonderful! CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Another good place to look is Homeopathy-247, with a great variety of kits available. Sign-up here to become to a member for free to get access to remedy information, kits and shop – plus blogs, courses and e-books. 

Being Prepared for Christmas 1

It can be daunting in the beginning knowing where to start when choosing a Homeopathic remedy for an ailment.

We like to use a helpful process we call CLAMS. 

So when someone has an ailment, these are the questions we start by asking to get us on our way…

  • Concomittance – what else is happening at the same time that the ailment is presenting i.e. nausea, is it always when travelling in a car.
  • Location – Where is the suffering, details such as which side, area covered etc…
  • Aetiology – what is the story to how this came about, has it happened before? How long has it been going on for? Can it relate to a certain event?
  • ModalityAnything that causes the presenting complaint to get better or worse. For example, is it better for heat, worse when walking or sitting, better outdoors in fresh air or in a warm room…
  • SensationWe like to get as clear a description as possible about what the patient is feeling, what it looks like, is there throbbing, burning, piercing, cutting, hot etc…

When we look at our remedies available to hand, we can then usually start to match some of these key descriptions to the picture of the relevant remedies.

We may find 2 or 3 remedies at first, and we then have to take a few calm moments to decide on the best match. We can then give a dose and wait and watch for improvement. We may be able to give two further doses within the next hour or two to decide if this remedy is helpful enough. If not, we can simply look at a better match.

Being Prepared for Christmas 2

I do wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and the opportunity to ensure that you yourself take a break! Even amidst the family/festive chaos we also often experience at this time.

As per usual, I cannot encourage you enough to remember the relief that can be provided by an Epsom Salt Bath and some conscious breathing (click here to view some helpful breathing tips!)

And of course, these wonderful remedies that many of you will find extremely helpful – VIEW CHRISTMAS REMEDIES BLOG

I look forward to being in touch again in the new year…

Love, warmth, harmony and peace to you all.

Ali x

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