February… month with a slump?

A warm hello to you all!

February can sometimes feel like a month with a SLUMP! I have touched on this before and you may even like to read my blog from February 2022: https://horsleyhomeopathy.co.uk/blog/finding-the-light/

The key thing is to NOTICE how YOU are feeling and then you can work with it better.

Sometimes there may be much or all of it you can work with by yourself but other times it might be really helpful to gather some other sources… and I often refer to a TOOL BOX . 

So, what is in your toolbox?

Emotional support… good chat with friends, family member or professional therapist.

Physical support… keeping our bodies at their optimal levels physically has a really beneficial therapeutic effect. It is a balance, however, between under or over exercise. Relaxing exercise is important to explore, such as yoga, T’ai chi and Qi gong.

February... month with a slump? 1Methods to re-balance necessary sleep and rest… a good wind down routine before bed time is a great start alone, but setting a timetable where bedtimes are chosen (and kept to!) that give optimum hours of sleep for ourselves is a real help. I tend to harp on about the wonders of an Epsom salt bath (no more than 15-20 minutes) as this alone also has such relaxing and sleep inducing results.

Methods to re-balance and maintain calmness in mind and body… meditation, music and all of the above. It’s all about finding out and realising what works for you.

Nutritional and Dietary wisdom and practice… when our minds are unsettled our guts are often unsettled. When our guts are unsettled our minds are often unsettled. Over indulging in an inflammatory or over-stimulating diet will not allow the body to rest as there is so much more ‘housekeeping’ to be done at night within the body to allow for the digestion, which can be disturbing! 

Known aids to bring instant cheer… we have to be able to find a funny side to life too! I always feel good company with wit and laughter is so important. TV Programmes, radio, social media can all provide comedy or pleasure in some way to solace… And so can a change of scenery or some good company; so try not to hide away, but rather work through the low mood emotions in order to come out the other side. Our bodies work so much better when not in ‘fight or flight’ or low mood of any sort.

February... month with a slump? 2

The Homeopathic Toolbox:


February... month with a slump? 3A Good book or two on Homeopathy… you may already know my much referred two ‘Home library’ books:
– Your Healthy Child With Homeopathy by Tricia Allen
– The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy by Colin Griffiths

Knowledge of a Qualified and experienced homeopath who can guide you through these times if necessary.

Awareness of the UK Homeopathic Pharmacies to make orders and remedy enquiries:

These UK Pharmacies will ship out overseas if required.

Awareness of the Out of Hours support available: 

  • Homeopathy247.com
  • Homeopathic Helpline (UK only) Telephone 09065 343404
    This is a BT regulated number which costs £1.53 per minute, plus network extras

February... month with a slump? 4A Home Remedy Kit with a good booklet …my suggested favourite: 

A special area of all things Homeopathy where they can be found easily! Away from direct sunlight and heat or strong odours and ice cold conditions.

February... month with a slump? 5Good storage; a tin, box, chest of drawers or cupboard…kept out of the reach of children and pets!


With Spring not far away (Yes! Today in the UK, daylight came to an end at 5.25pm!) you may feel it a good opportunity now to look at your homeopathic toolbox and have a good clear out and re-fill if necessary!

Talking of Spring… I hope this blog helps you manage any February slumps and move through the month to lighter days and more colour around us!

Warmest Wishes,
Ali x

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