Nurturing November

Here in the UK, I am writing this blog with some warm lighting and a lovely scented candle burning as I accept that Winter is closer, and our central heating is now beginning to be welcomed at certain times in the day/evening!

In the Northern hemisphere many people may be experiencing that hibernating feeling! As always, the main thing I can suggest now is to GO WITH IT!

Homeopathy helps us to ‘tune in’ and listen to what our bodies and minds are telling us – this time of year is about slowing down a little when needed, saving and spreading our energy just for where it is really needed!

So you may be feeling a little tired, you may be feeling colder at times, you may be feeling a little ‘low’, even ‘dark’ within, which is a response to the lessening of sunshine and light.

You may just simply be feeling less inclined to be out and about.

Please don’t see this as a negative aspect… but simply go with what your instincts are telling you… and then you can remind yourselves of what you have in your tool box to work through this time to your benefit, wherever possible, without putting too much pressure on yourself.

You may also be feeling it in your gut, and wanting warm, hearty meals and drinks… we must always remember how important the gut / brain connection is. Homeopathy links this together very well indeed as many of you reading this may already know!

Please also recognise it is the end of a year of hard work and it is time to slow down and recognise all that has gone on and what we have achieved and managed, both personally, and in our work and daily schedules and interests.

During a homeopathic appointment, there is time to sit and reflect and if we don’t feel quite ourselves, we can start to understand why…. and remedies can then be prescribed to help bring us back into better balance should there be the need… and this can be such a lift at what is often simply a tired time of year! (whichever hemisphere in fact!).


There are some practical things that can be done to keep us going well enough during this time:

  • Managing our diaries and not taking on extra ‘stuff’ wherever possible.
  • Getting enough sleep… now is a good time to get our bedroom really cosy and inviting so that we navigate our way there earlier, and perhaps even more willingly.
  • Managing some exercise… but perhaps not as full on as usual and with more of a restorative / stretching theme. And do click here to remember the Power of Conscious Breathing! 
  • Nurturing November 1Some time outside in nature, dressed accordingly of course, so it can be an enjoyable and mood-changing experience if needed!
  • Tranquil moments – Make time for these and catch yourself if you are feeling just too bogged down to feel enough joy –  remembering what gives us the most pleasure, calm and re-creating opportunities!
    Another of my permanent recommendations is taking an Epsom Salt bath (1 mugful to be dissolved in hot water and soaked in for 15-20 mins for a wonderful muscle relax and detox!)

These moments need to bring us back to our own needs and calm down our nervous systems. I have touched on this topic in a previous blog (Click here to read ‘Stressy September’). To help us come out of stress, it helps to have a list of things that bring us joy… and to be able to venture into the thoughts, feelings, objects and memories that help us connect to that very important feeling of happiness! In the Vagus Nerve Theory, these positive and very helpful points are known as ‘Glimmers’… and to me, and therefore I hope to you, this is an invite to try and work with this aspect of managing our health if we are not, or just simply struggling.



Well of course there are remedies… and here are just a few that I might find giving more regularly at this time of year:

Sol  |  Calc Carb  |  Nux Vomica  |  Emerald  |  Rose Quartz  |  Carcinosin  |  Arsenicum Album   Bambusa Arundinacea  |  Argentum Nitricum

With my eldest daughter about to depart to work and live in Sydney for 2-3 years, I am benefitting from taking Pulsatilla LM 1! (…there are several different potencies and ways of prescribing remedies, so many of you may not have heard of the LM method yet! It is used for its particularly gentle and thorough way of reaching within and connecting with your vital force, so lovely to use 🙂)

It is remarkable how the magic of a homeopathic remedy can just nudge our inner energy into a positive action to rebalance and heal if needed… without any side effects or toxicity – and no concerns about becoming addicted! 

Please do get in touch if you feel Homeopathy would help nudge you back into balance for the next few weeks ahead.

I wish you warm and well,

Ali x

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