Post Viral Fatigue… Living with Covid-19

Here is some recognition for all of us still ‘going through’ the ‘Covid state’ around the world. As we continue through these times, we need also to congratulate ourselves, and those around us, in managing what we have and are still going through with this virus… Let’s take away the fear and retrieve trust in our bodies!

Now is the time to be kind, sympathetic and nurture our health and recover ourselves a little over the summer holiday period in whatever way that is possible. This is so that we are ready to manage ourselves as strong in health as possible for the change in seasons ahead.


We have soldiered through 18 months and continue to keep going, but do we yet have faith that ‘all will be well?’
I compare the Covid state to one of fear and subtle depleted health both mental and physical and I write this blog with reference to many still ‘catching it’ – whether or not vaccinated and some struggling to get back to full health.

Are we clued up enough?

My biggest concern is that we have lost sight of how to look after our own bodies enough ourselves, meaning that we don’t enable them to build up a strong and vital immune system and self-heal – as they are designed to do naturally when we fall ill!

Any ‘outside’ help that is not natural can usually only help as a temporary fix. Where there is chemical medication involved (whilst it may bring some relief and be found very useful ‘in the moment’), there is also then another added distraction within the self-healing process as the body has to adapt to managing its own systems in working with this ‘foreign matter’, on top of trying to do the job itself effectively. It can become a vicious circle; the body is trying to heal itself fully but the outside help is interfering with the journey’s optimum success.  So we have to be mindful of this!


Our bodies are the most incredible, intricately working machines where everything is connected and designed to do a role, keeping it in a state of homeostasis… perfect balance in order to allow optimum health. But the body needs time and good understanding in order to maintain itself! Medication may have helped in the short term, but it may well have not enabled the deep, thorough healing to complete – so we often then experience a return of symptoms.

Homeopathy does not suppress!

In Homeopathy, we understand the irresolution in solving health issues in this kind of situation as ‘The Concept of Suppression’. To suppress is to push symptoms back into the body rather than let them leave the body. With any virus, there is always an opportunity for it to linger in the system so rest or CONVALESCENCE is usually the key way to keep the body best repairing itself.

However, in the 21st Century, we seem to have lost this art! In fact, I remember as I grew up there were actually Convalescent homes to which people went to recover after operations or serious illness, in the same way that post-natal mothers were kept in hospital for up to two weeks to be nursed and rested following pregnancy and childbirth. Sadly they are no more!

As the pharmaceutical companies came up with more ‘quick-fix’ medicines, we have only learnt to lessen our symptoms quicker than the body perhaps needs and therefore, we so often keep going when ill. With less job security, we have perhaps only learnt to ‘get back to normal life’ in an unreasonably quick time, leaving our health not fully recoverd and at jeopardy. We are becoming more and more familiar with the word ‘Burn out’.


With the Covid 19 virus, there is opportunity for Post Viral Fatigue/Syndrome to appear, so please take the time to rest and heal properly wherever possible!


Symptoms that are most typical of this virus are exhaustion and depleted states remaining, dizziness, brain fog and body aches to name but a few. They typically stem from the main symptoms YOU suffered with and will therefore vary quite a bit within a handful of patients. With this virus there is also a lot of respiratory and chest aggravation. There has also been a lot of suffering with prolonged fear and anxiety, which is now very much playing out and should not be discounted.

I am pleased to say that there are some fantastic remedies to work with these complaints and also support the immune system. Homeopathy really understands how to get the body back into balance as the specific remedies ‘nudge’ the healing process in the areas that each individual patient may be affected… and remember that Homeopathy is not a ‘one treatment fits all’ practice; it understands and works with each patient holistically, knowing how to link the symptom complaints specific to that person with a matching remedy… it really is quite magical!

If you are suffering with Post Covid symptoms still, do get in touch; it can be very depressing living in a post viral state but homeopathy can work with you in alleviating that despair as it gets to the bottom of the problem. It will support you mentally and physically, enabling you to re-build your confidence as it supports you in rebuilding your health. So this is an ending with some good news!

I wish you all well and a happy restful August.


Ali x

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