Hayfever, Homeopathy and Tissue Salts

aaaAATchooo! and Bless You!… need a tissue… or Tissue salts too, perhaps!?

Spring is springing out and we are starting to see a fair bit of reaction to pollens emerging and being blown around here in the UK!

It may be time to treat Hayfever and get ourselves ready for the Summer ahead 🙂

When Spring arrives we naturally tend to get in a Spring Cleaning mode; this means that we are also likely to be coming into contact with a few other allergens too, such as house dust, brick dust, mould spores, pet hair… and these too can be triggers alongside grasses, plant and tree pollen.

Infact Tree pollens can be a real annoyance to people who move out of the city for a healthier, country life… and then start a reaction to them!

Trying to avoid Steroid nasal sprays and anti-histamines on repeat prescription?… they have side effects that aren’t desirable in the long term.

Fear Not… Homeopathy doesn’t and it can help you instead!

Hayfever, Homeopathy and Tissue Salts 1

First a bit about Tissue Salts!

For Hayfever treatment, alongside, and occasionally instead of, I also may use TISSUE SALTS!  (AKA ‘Cell salts’ or ‘Biochemic cell salts’).

They are remedies made from inorganic salts and work at a cellular level. Although highly diluted, they are not classed as homeopathic remedies, as they are not understood to act according to the ‘like cures like’ principle of homeopathy. However, they work so well and are often used in my patient prescriptions!

They can be used individually or in combinations, and for hayfever, I usually go to the Combination H pot! Another useful combination to know about is Combination Q for sinus health.

Have a look at Tissue salts in more depth here: https://schuesslertissuesalts.uk/pages/dr-wilheim-schuessler-salts.

They are available world wide through a number of brands, namely Schuessler, New Era, Hylands – and homeopathic pharmacies and some health food shops will have them available to you.

tissue salts

Back to Hayfever…


Using the Art of Homeopathy, we always go to the presenting symptoms.

They may seem similar in many ways, but when it comes to prescribing, it is unlikely that members of a family suffering with Hayfever will end up with the same remedy to use!

When one member may be worse in the morning, another member may actually be worse at night.

When another member may have a watery and streaming nasal and eye discharge, another may have a thick yellow/green discharge with aggravation of the ear too! When one member may also be really drowsy and even headachy, the other may be really restless and fidgety…one member may have itchy skin and another may have an itchy throat and ears.

…and so the differing symptoms come out of the woodwork to be sifted through in order for a matching remedy to be prescribed to each individual.

This is Holistic practice in its element!

When prescribing remedies, it is also important to work out whether it is actually Hayfever or Rhinitis

Hayfever may even be referred to as Allergic Rhinitis, so we need to go back to the first signs, any family history of these complaints and how and when they display in your very own system! YES, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

Hayfever is related to an immune state and therefore there will be remedies to match the background remedies to work with this and lessen the pre-disposing sensitivity.

We will always check in with the emotional state as this can have such an incredible influence of our general health picture… also known as a form of susceptibility.

I also often find a Hayfever programme is helpful in tackling the body’s defence before the Hayfever season, typically over a 6 week period –  and over 1 – 3 years, patients often find their Hayfever has disappeared.

Hayfever, Homeopathy and Tissue Salts 2


For those of you readers who are starting to enjoy reading up on remedies, here are some popular homeopathic remedies

Allium Cepa, Natrum Mur, Sabadilla, Wyethia, Mixed Pollens and grasses, Histaminum, Euphrasia, Arsenicum, Iodum, Nux Vomica and Arundo Mauritanica.

Happy Reading! You may also like to read my blog from last March 2022!


And if you are feeling miserable already and wanting some support… or aware that your symptoms may re-appear this year a little later on and want to be pro-active, this is how you can get in touch:

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Wishing you well
Ali x

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